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Originally Posted by Tokyo View Post
Champ Panther!
PANTHER lovers unite!
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The Whippet! Honestly I am the only player in my area that I know of that throws. Absolutely love it for side arm approach shots.
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I've seen a few discs in this thread that I bag:
Whippet-X, but I use it for thumbers.
Champ Panther, for dead straight shots.
Maximizer, a utility disc that was the first disc I threw over 300'. Really.
Star Wedge, long glidey straight-to-anhyzer shots.
QMS. Millennium's Comet. It'll go how you throw it.

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Originally Posted by jrawk View Post
I guess for me it's a Hurricane.
They're awesome discs, but most people would just throw Destroyers. I throw Hurricanes also. I also throw Aftershocks, though, and I think those are less popular.
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I can add the Scorpius to my list.

Great OS addition to a Destroyer cycle.
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I'm about to temporarily remove areguably the most popular mold (Firebird) from the bag to make room for the Avenger ( ESP, X, Pro D). I wouldn't say it gets a lot of hate as much as it just gets passed up or ignored.
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Originally Posted by AndyJB View Post
I wish my dad was on these forums. His whole bag is uncommon.
I was thinking the same thing. My dad bags a blowfly, karma, buzzz ss, and a few others unusual ones (but I'm drawing a blank). My bag, on the other hand, is all pretty common.
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Originally Posted by Nasty Nate View Post
Latitude 64 Bite

I throw it for the dog, but it took forever to find in the store!

I doubt many other people have one in the bag.
I had one with me at the summer cottage. Proceeded to throw it into the lake because of the surprising amount of glide. The dog was looking at me like "the disc seemed to disappear into this force field, but I will try and sniff for it on the surface. Mmmm... No, its lost". Too murky water to locate. My dad found it months later.
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My bag is pretty vanilla except for my CH Starfire and Z Nuke SS.

I started out with a Star SL, which I leaned on for a while. Used it for FH & BH long drives. Got my first ace with it. Then, as I became more experienced and my rating soared (872 &#128521, I stepped up to the SL's more stable antecedent. I love the Starfire but I have met exactly zero other owners. I remember catching a sub-thread on here a few weeks ago impugning the Starfire. Don't really understand all the static. It think the Starfire's been around a while. Innova keeps making them. Retailers keep stocking them. I think the Starfire tucks right in there b/t your Teebird/Firebird & your max driver. It does for me. And you can't argue with the results. (Look out 880! 😉&#128521

As for my Nuke SS, I've only met a couple of other owners - fellow duffers, all. If there's even just a whiff of a headwind, this guy stays in the bag. But if the wind is still or at my back, the Nuke SS can offer a wild ride. I used it a lot more when I started out but now I use my regular Nuke most of the time.
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Most of my bag is pretty uncommon, here's some of my regulars: Blowfly, gumputt, Champ Monarch, Sirious Orion LF, Z Glide.
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