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Originally Posted by Central Scrutinizer View Post
I remember Mike Moser also pinning that hole, flexing a Banshee perfectly. Stokely didn't have an answer, just threw a FH over the bridge leaving him that 80' of open space to the basket.

I'd love to hook up with you guys sometime this upcoming year.
CS...aren't you tight with Wildner? Seems like you have talked about this before.

If we don't get together down here, you should let us know when you are going to be up at Wild Haven. I don't get up there enough, that would be a great time as well.
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Originally Posted by joecoin View Post
I'll take this to mean you've never had anyone work for you. You've never been a boss.

On your finite journey through this ethereal realm, take the time to hire someone and treat them poorly. You will learn more from that than working with anyone. (I believe you are out to learn, since you ask so many questions.)

You remind me of a paralegal I once met. I was straightening out her computer workstation issues (which she had caused due to her ignorance). She was watching me closely. Out of the blue, she tells me; "You may know more about computers than I do, but I know more about the law then you do." Never one to worry about what people think of me, I responded with a simple question. "Have you ever been arrested?" She answered that no, she had not. I told her; "I think I know more about the law than you do." She left the room.

If I were you (and obviously I am not), I'd stop talking and start doing.

And stop looking into your neighbors windows. Unless you have their permission.

I've never been a boss, you're right. Never will be I reckon. From a household/husbandry standpoint, I believe in doing for myself whenever possible, and in mutual help with friends and neighbors. From a business standpoint I have no ambition to have more money than what I already get by solitary work. If the lessons learned by following your suggestion involve empathy and vengeance and waste and hopelessness and hatred and guilt, I'll do my best to learn them without mistreating people. I have some experience here... my closest friend having been a terribly mistreated person.

I am a little like your paralegal lady. I've never been arrested. If I had a computer workstation I would certainly muck it up with my ignorance. I know little about the law (I don't know what a paralegal is).

Doing what? Can I not talk and do? Do you know anything of the scope of my experiences or the aim of my life? I am not proud of my tiny knowledge. I didn't make it but I love it, because I found it free in the ditch, in the woods, in the islands and mountains and cities, in books, in speech, in work, in love, in the creek, in factories and farms, in songs and sickness, in cures and curses, under the ground, beside me in bed. I'm willing to take good advice from any source. If you have anything demonstrably wise and practically useful to say I welcome it.

My neighbors are whichever people I'm near. Their windows are their words, their movements, their cars, their discs, their clothes, their food, their music, their jobs, their romances, their crimes, their sicknesses, their children, their hands. Their eyes. I will not ask permission to include myself in the beloved world of humanity, even when throwing frisbees.

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That's about as gold as it gets, you !@#$%##@ philistines.
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Originally Posted by ru4por View Post
CS...aren't you tight with Wildner? Seems like you have talked about this before.

If we don't get together down here, you should let us know when you are going to be up at Wild Haven. I don't get up there enough, that would be a great time as well.
Wildman and I go way back. We encountered one another at Grand Woods in '96. I asked to play along on Hole #10 and the rest is history!

We camp out at Wild Haven several times a season. There's a music/Disc fest to take place on the summer Solstice weekend this June. We'll be jamming up on the new stage he built on Hole #2! No idea if Stonehenge will somehow be involved...Stay tuned!

I am probably also going to be there for Memorial Day Weekend as well. That's usually one of our camping funfests there.

Bring your night Discs!

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