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Default Trilogy Orc?

I am on the search for an Orc-like disc out of the Trilogy family. I am familiar with the PFN Champ Orcs, but not the older pearlies, so you know where I am coming from. I enjoy them for driving forehand. I want to keep the speed around 10 as I don't have a big arm. The flight I am picturing for my forehand drivers is HSS -1 LSS 2to3. I like the Lucid, Fluid, Opto, Frost, VIP plastics.

Here are some of the discs I am considering or have heard compared to the Orc. Some may be completely off.

Dynamic Discs
Escape, Trespass

Latitude 64
Saint, Saint Pro, Mirus, Culverin

Westside Discs
Northman, Boatman, Sampo, Longbowman
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Pretty sure Escape is the best answer. Def not a Saint. I can say that for sure. Saint gets flippy fast.
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Sampo would fit that flight pretty well. Speed 10, has some turn, but decent fade. The elasto ones are noticeably more stable than the VIP.

Mirus is out of production. Trespass will start off a little more overstable but beats in very nicely. It's my favorite longer driver of all you listed. Culverin is the most overstable of the bunch. You probably won't get much turn out of it.

Regular Saint turns too much for me. My Saint pro started very straight to OS, and is now getting a little turn after some use.
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Culverin or Escape.
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Never thrown a Orc.

The escape is fast for a fairway, has a nice turn and some fade. Saint is flippy and more US then the escape from what I remember. Trespass is nice but speed 12 I think, destroyer-like (but, not the beefy OS kind). Saint pro is hss straight when new like a teebird, straight to fade.

I think for Pier, a s-curvy type disc works well for carving lines. Maybe a eagle (if not opposed to innova) or Dynamic Discs Escape?
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I disagree on the Escape. I bag both the Escape and the Orc and the Escape is quite a bit straighter and won't handle the wind like an Orc, (I own/throw 5 Escapes and 4 Orcs).

I don't think the Trespass is a replacement either.

I haven't thrown all the discs on your list so I can't say if any of the Westside discs might work.
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I'd drop Trespass (faster), Escape (straighter), Mirius (oop), Saint (flippy), Northman (straighter) and Longbowman (narrow rim) off the list.

Out of the ones left, I'd start from the Culverin or Boatman. Both are quite stable when thrown BH, but depending on your FH form could fit the bill. If they are too much, then go for the Saint Pro or Sampo based on the feel.
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I loved Escapes when they first came out. Unfortunately, of the 9 I've tried, barely any of them fly the same. Either way, definitely not as fast as an Orc. They're more like a Viking.

Northman is more like a Wraith.
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Boatman was my first thought.
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Sampo is pretty close, very PD like, which to me is very similar to an Orc.
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