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Default golf/tennis elbow help/tips

A few weeks ago I hyper-extended my elbow on a drive. I wanted to know if anyone else has had this happen. healing time? any exercises? I tried to look online but unsuccessful. I haven't played in 2 weeks and I don't want to rush things. I had some problems a few years ago with golf/tennis elbow and wear a tennis elbow brace for caution.
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I'd suggest going to your physician and getting it looked at. I recently hurt my shoulder and it wasn't getting better so I went to the doc, I did several weeks of physical therapy targeting my specific injury and I'm back out and on the course (shoulder doing ok so far) with a down-time of only about a month and a half or so...

Edit: but be prepared for PT to hurt...a lot.
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I got tendinitis/golf/tennis elbow last summer, hurt so bad it hurt just to let my arm hang by my side. Took 4-5 months off, lots of ice, heat, and stretching to get back to where I can play again.
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Tennis elbow is not the same as hyper-extending your elbow. However, in both cases a reasonable period of rehabilitation is needed, which means a break from playing and focusing on stretches, reducing inflammation, strengthening exercises when ready, and a cycle of heat/cold therapy.
Tennis elbow is usually an "overuse" injury where the elbow is subjected to repeated stress without proper warm-up (stretching) or proper strengthening. I like to refer to it as "elbow shin splints". The acute pain you get from tennis elbow is very similar to shin-splints. The moment you try to grip something, it zaps you.
I agree with BrotherDave. You have to take time off and rehab properly. I wouldn't even go to a physician. Why spend the extra $$'s doing so. Bypass the MD altogether and get on over to a physical therapist, unless your health plan requires you to have a physician referral to see a physical therapist.
I have had tennis elbow playing tennis twice. My wife got it playing disc golf last summer. In both cases we took time off from the sport, applied a cycle of heat/cold daily, ibuprofen is a good anti-inflammatory for the first 72 hrs., then slowly work your way into light stretches and strength exercises.
You can find all kinds of videos on youtube about tennis elbow that show various stretches and strengthening exercises that will work.
If you go to your physician or physical therapist, that's what they are going to have you do anyway.

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K2's pretty much on, though it doesn't have to hurt when you grip a disc for it to be tendonitis/Tennis Elbow. You'll know if you throw just once though - it will burn.

RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) and light stretching before bed and when you wake up. You can take anti-inflammatories for a short stint as well. There are PT band exercises you can do in steadily increasing increments to build strength so that you don't re-aggravate the injury.

I'm actually dealing with a mild case right now - I had to sub for a couple practices as QB of my flag football team. I play WR so my arm isn't used to the throwing motion, and after 2 days of practice my elbow and bicep burn for 20 minutes if I just throw one ball.
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Out of curiousity, was this on a FH drive that you overextended your elbow?
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