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1. Disc Golf
2. Table top board games
3. Getting a guitar for Christmas, so I'm gonna focus on learning to play
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^^^^I think I know you, bubba. We played Winget dubs together a few weeks ago, didn't we? And we were on that course's Match Play team a couple of years ago. Hope you're doing well, Scott.

Another drummer here, but I don't play as often as I'd like to. Too disruptive to the household flow, really, with a wife who works out of the home; a college-attending, part-time-job-having, practicing drummer-his-damn-self son; and a 13-year-old. But get me talking about drums and heavy (in more ways than one) music, and you won't be able to shut me up. That's passion.

I'm the same way about really good historical or speculative fiction. Passion manifests as long-winded and breathless dissertations on this or that amazing author, book, or idea.

And DG? Pshhh. I am very, very, very, really, seriously, very vocal about how great the game is. If you don't sigh heavily and roll your eyes within 30 seconds of the subject being broached, you will hear it from me until you run away. Again: passion. Red-faced and proselytizing, that's me.

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My three are Disc Golf, making music, and fly fishing/fly tying. The goal is to indulge each one every day.
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Music has always been a passion of mine, and still is, but.......
1a DG
1b Music
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Absolutely. DG is a passion for me. Love the creativity in shot selection, disc selection. Experiencing new courses. Battling familiar courses. Collecting plastic. New plastic to try. Old plastic to try again. The ever-rotating bag. The sound of the chains on a summer morning. Ripping that perfect flex shot. Throwing with your buds or enjoying a solo round of 18. A beautiful game.

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Tournament Chess is #1 with me and always will be. Right now DG is #2 (and good exercise).
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Many of you reminded me that music is definitely top 3 in my universe.
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1. Hanging with my Buds
2. Sippin' on some bourbon and diet Coke
3. Disc golf

Fortunately I don't have to prioritize as I can accomplish all goals simultaneously.

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Originally Posted by Grippenripp View Post
I'd say yes. Aside from disc golf my main hobby is learning new things to add to my repertoire as a tradesman. I am unique , at least a little bit in the fact that I play DG as a means to help me stay sober. Does outreach count as a hobby?
congrats on the sobriety! DG for me was a great game to play and be outside the first 10 yrs.
then it became almost everything i did outside work while partying like a wildman :-). this phase lasted over 20 yrs. now i play for exercise and to remain competitive in all aspects of life. i don't miss the partying aspect at all since i have shot my best scores ever since i turned 55 and am now a far better ambassador for our sport.

BTW i am familiar with the Morrow area. i helped pull up the old train tracks along the river while working for Ohio Dept of Natural Resources in 79' for the (then new) scenic railway to Cincinnati.

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Yes. And Yes. Plus, Yes.
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