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Default OAT problems

I've been playing disc golf for about 3 or 4 years now. I started off with a really strong forehand throw (RHFH), but lately my throws have a lot of flutter and flip over on me. Drives aren't the problem, it's when I throw midrange and approach discs that they start to flip. Lately I've been throwing the Innova Atlas and the Skeeter, as well as a Pro-D and Zline buzzz, all 4 of which flip on me when throwing forehand. I know that it is an issue with my rotation and my wrist causing these problems, but can't find a good way to solve it.

Any advice or information welcome. Thank you!
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If you're not releasing level it more than likely is indeed oat. If you're throwing level, try a more overstable disc. Perhaps slow way down, and practice hitting distances when thrown level at 20ft to start and then add 10ft at a time until you notice you're not throwing level anymore, stay at that point & continue to throw relaxed, slow, and see if you can dial in your form. Ofcourse a video would give the experts alot more to comment about and help fine tune your form.
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Yeah try throwing little approach shots with those mids and your putters, like 50' or so. Even try playing catch with an ultimate disc with little forehand flicks.

Another thing is try to throw little sweep hyzers with your putters/mids. Sometimes even throwing a very steep hyzer shot will give you the feeling of holding the line throughout the follow through. If you can hold the disc on a hyzer, you will be concentrating on the angle rather than distance (since hyzers really eat up your distance potential you can't expect to be throwing far), and you will be more likely to throw the shot cleanly. Then gradually make the angle more and more mellow until you approach flat releases.
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I have a fairly strong forehand and I run into flutter issues with with deeper discs. This has made me move toward some of the shallower MVP and Axiom disc with this working somewhat. But, even with the shallower discs, I find that working on my form helps the most.
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I have issues flicking putters, but can make a Buzzz do great things sidearm. I think you're definitely looking at OAT or wrist roll. When my forehand starts to suffer the main thing I focus on is keeping my elbow close to my body. It's easier to throw level that way, and throwing level is what you want to do. You might try throwing lower to the ground too. I figure the closer the ground is, the easier it is to use it as a reference point or "level". But what the other guy said about starting at short distances and working out is key. It's hard to find your flaws at full speed.
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I find the advantages to throwing mids and putters forehand is not near what they are backhand. It's so much easier to control nose angle and hyzer angle. I really only forehand Flicks outside 150'.
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Take all your mids to a field and start by throwing short upshots (60-100ft). Take slow, start short, you'll get the feel pretty quick, throw anhyzers, hyzers and flat shots and focus on your form, not your distance. Trying to get distance isn't going to help, you'll lose focus, try to feel the snap while not rolling your wrist.
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Originally Posted by b-mart View Post
I have issues flicking putters, but can make a Buzzz do great things sidearm. I think you're definitely looking at OAT or wrist roll.
I also think a Z Buzzz should be capable of pretty awesome things. Just a couple months ago, though, I noticed it wasn't working for me. I believe that was because I had picked up some bad habits from throwing fast and overstable stuff. I'm starting to believe I have two fairly different forehand styles: 1) full speed distance shots, which are more forgiving on wobble and wrist roll issues, and 2) lower speed putter/mid shots, which are not as forgiving.

My point is that if you're having problems with those mids, try slowing the throw down a bit. I still run into some problem when I'm trying to throw my Buzzz forehand for longer shots, but I can make some great throws (100-230') using one step or even standstill/stretch position. So, try slowing down and see if that helps. If you're trying to prove you're cool by throwing a Buzzz or putter 300' forehand, I think that's a fool's errand. But learning touch shots up to 200-250' can help your game big time.
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