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Default Hernia Surgery

Hey guys and gals. I just had surgery to repair my hernia a week ago. It was the mesh inside incision to plug the abdominal wall.

I had a right inguinal hernia and I throw RHBH.

I'm interested in hearing from those who have had the surgery and how it was until you got back out playing. I'm just doing my PLASTIC hoarding now while I'm on the shelf.

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I'm answering this based on my Son's experience. He was about 45 years old and had a pretty large hernia repair with the mesh that has been referenced around his navel area. He lives in Iowa and had the surgery done I think around June. He basically laid off playing disc golf the rest of the year. He tried once to play a couple of months after surgery and didn't feel like it was going to be a good situation for him. The next spring he eased back into it and got by fine. That's just one person's experience and I suppose this varies from person to person. It's tough giving up the game for awhile when you really enjoy playing.

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I had this done when I was 26....so maybe the healing rate is bit faster.

After about 3 weeks I wasn't even thinking about it anymore.

I believe it was in mid-December, and by the time the courses were up in late April I was throwing 100%. Basically I just took a year off from winter disc and by Spring I was fine.

Had I done it in Summer I would have been trying to play within a month for sure....which is why I did not do that.

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Have you had your post-op follow up visit with your surgeon yet? If not, then ask him(her) at that time. Maybe explain a little about what body movements disc golf involves if they're not sure. The last thing you want to do is go back too soon and risk further complications.

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Don't rush back into throwing plastic for fun. Seriously not fun things can happen if your body isn't ready. Rest up, take it super slow and easy once the Doc has cleared you for activity, and do not push yourself when tired/sore for a long time.

We don't want you back for revision surgery or worse. They'll be plenty of time to Huk.

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Having had three hernias lol, I know one was likely the result of coming back too soon. I was throwing after 4 weeks. I should have waited at least another month. No need to rush back! Take your time and heal properly.

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I was throwing less than two weeks after umbilical hernia surgery. It was probably too soon, but being super careful about throwing too hard smoothed out my stroke and actually made me a better player in the long run.

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....and while you're heeding this advice and, more importantly, your surgeon's advice, and perhaps erring on the side of caution and waiting even a little longer, you can always work on become a dead-eye inside-the-circle putter. Shouldn't be too stressful, and you'll get the pleasure of throwing discs (even if only 20-30 feet).

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Rub some dirt on it and go play.

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I very much agree with asking the surgeon the time frame with which you should return. TBH, listening to anyone elses experience and timeframe for recovery is most likely going to lead you astray. For one, different hernias have different recovery (ie: an umbilical hernia is very different from an inguinal hernia). Two, there are various degrees of inguinal hernias and subsequent complexity of surgery and recovery. Last, who knows the anatomy and what the surgery entailed better than the surgeon?

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