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Default Innova heavy bag, considering switching a couple

I've been throwing mostly Innova for some time. But after trying the DiscMania pD, I've started to think there may be some discs out there that I'm missing out on.

Also, I'm a native Michigander. And I'd like to try some more Discraft discs, being that they're from the Might Midwest as well. (Represent )

Lastly, I really enjoy dying my discs. I find a lot of success throwing the DX plastic from Innova much more than the premium plastics. And DX plastic won't take a dye for anything.

If you've had any experience with the discs below, please comment.

Current: Teebird
My PD has really replaced my Teebirds. But, many of the courses around me don't require a lot of distance, and the PD is such a long disc, it tends to fly past my shorter targets. I'm thinking about a replacement control driver.
I've been considering the Cyclone, I had one very early on, and liked it a lot. Is this a good compliment to the PD? What else should I consider?

Current: Roc
I carry a series of Rocs in different stages of wear. My fear is always that I'll lose one (especially the one beat to that sweet, sweet toss-it-soft-and-it-never-seems-to-fade stage.) I've started experimenting with the Element in E plastic. I like it a lot. Brand new, it flies a lot like that aforementioned Roc, but is far easier to replace. It's also HORRIBLE in the wind, and flips if I use 100% power.
I've heard a lot about the Lat64 Core and Fuse. I've also heard some about the Element X, possibly as an overstable compliment to the Element. I've also never thrown a Buzz. Have any of you guys thrown a couple of these and are able to compare?

Current: Eagle
I carry an old, old, beat up Pro Eagle that's my go-to touch turnover driver. I also carry a newer DX Eagle that I use to shape some lines that the Teebird can't handle. Are there any discs that you gents prefer to the Eagle for these purposes? And what would be the best Discraft equivalent?

Thanks in advance!
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Dude, if you're from Michigan and want to try some discraft, you can't go wrong with the buzzz. I got Roc fatigue last year trying to always have the right molds at different stages of wear, blah-blah-blah, and I got a Buzzz and haven't looked back since. It's an excellent disc.
I've also heard the teebird compared favorably to a Stalker...now I'm not really a teebird fan, but have had some success with the Stalker.
Not sure about a discraft equivalent to an Eagle...but I tend to throw Star Valks for the scenario you're describing.
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