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I started working on rollers today so I was throwing 5 rollers from each tee or so, and I spent SOO much time looking for them SOB's. I very rarely lose discs because Im pretty good at either judging distances or making mental notes of "yeah that landed about 30ft to the right of that tree" but when tossing a hand full of rollers, my intuition about there it SHOULD land goes right out the window. I didnt loose any today but I spent about 20 min looking for one that must have done something CRAZY as it went down the crest of a blind hill.

I guess I need to develop my roller finding as well as my roller throwing here before I start using this toss around other people!
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Originally Posted by Big Nasty View Post

...or because i throw more than one off the tee then leave one behind. i think the problems might be related.
the dreaded second-throw-syndrome. everyone is subject to its effects so as more than one disc is thrown from any given area.

one of my rules i designated long ago, 'dont throw a disc you just found until you leave the course.'

(1).you dont know what it'll do. (2).nor will you remember you threw it-has no spot in the bag. (3). *its not yours until you leave the course.

*fail to return lost plastic if asked and may the worst joojoo fall upon you, or get your a$s beat, bag check, ive thrown fist on a course for this exact reason, shouldve been avoided but ignorance runs thick, so is my head
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OH! I have a favorite strategy/phrase I use when searching for lost discs, especially with newer players

"where you headed, hercules?"

New players tend to walk WAY past where their disc landed. I still do the same. Pick where you think it landed. walk about 30 feet closer to the tee, and you'll see it
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Thumbs up

My top to every new disc golf player is that the disc always goes farther than you think, of you are using some sort of champion or g star plastic the disc will usually skip when throwing for hand.

Another great tip is to always look up and underneath things. i remember this drive that i had and after 20 minutes of searching my friend found it stuck underneath a stone wall. Ya ikr how does a disc get lodged underneath a stone wall?

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Holy blast from the past! You really are persistent. It must have taken some digging to find this thread.
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Originally Posted by Adamblakeroth View Post
Of course we all know the best way to make sure you don't lose a disc is to have lots of eyes on it as you throw. However, I play alone a bunch. And when you're as good as I am (not), chances are you'll spend a good chunk of time searching for that errant annie shot that didn't flip back over, or that hyzer that doglegged before the dogleg...Anyway, I've had pretty good luck with two disc finding techniques and I thought I'd share.

1) Visualize where the disc would've gone if there weren't any trees/bushes/brush to disturb the flight path. Guess where it would've landed the best that you can, then start there, and make a path back to where you lost sight of the disc. Unless you ricocheted it off a tree at 500 mph, it's been my experience that this usually works.

2) If tip one doesn't work, I'll try to get as high up as possible in the general area that the disc might be. Down here in Louisiana, that's often a down tree. I've found that a lot of times finding a disc just involves changing your perspective a bit.

Finally, and I imagine most dg players are pretty good with this, don't worry about snakes/spiders/sloths/creepy crawlies of any kind.
In fact, don't even think about them. I've walked through thousands of webs and never been bitten. Also, I've seen countless snakes and 100% of the time, they saw me first and made the decision to go in the other direction, rather than unleash their snake fury on me or offer me some tasty forbidden fruit.

What techniques do you have for finding those discs you spent good money on?
Good necrobump. The bolded is so true, in addition to tough and nasty flora. I played some swat golf this summer, and my golfer friends would crack up at me crashing into the shule, without much fear, to look for my ball. Most of them would stand on the edge poking the nasty with their clubs.

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One tip I'd give to players is to ditch the headphones/earbuds. If you can't hear it is much more difficult to judge where exactly your shots go, especially if you're out practicing and throwing multiple shots. Being able to hear is huge because it gives you context in where your disc is going.

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I dont lose discs......I set them free

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Originally Posted by Nubes View Post
I dont lose discs......I set them free
I guess that makes me a 'Freedom Flighter'. I'm down five in the last 3 months.

You set it all free
This is my kiss goodbye
You can stand alone and watch me fly
Cause nothing's keeping me down
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After watching one of my buddies step in a tick bomb and get literally covered in them at my local course, I always ask myself how much I'll really miss that disc if I can't find it pretty quickly...

Going along with that, even the most erratic throw from a disc you aren't that fond of will always land in a nice clear spot of the rough. Your favorite disc can land 1ft from the fairway and become invisible.

Im hoping now that the weather is cooler and some brush is thinning I'll be able to find a couple discs that went astray this summer. I miss my hot pink buzzz
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