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Thumbs up DGCR is 10 Years Old Today!

On this day in 2007 DGCR launched. Since that time, it has seen a lot of growth ranging from features to the great member base to the huge amount of course information. When I started it, I was just having fun making a cool thing for people that I hoped might be helpful. I certainly never thought it would be quite as popular as it is or that I'd still be at it 10 years later! A day hasn't gone by that I haven't checked the site, course updates, photos, etc. I probably should have figured out how to take a day off by this point

I wanted thank everyone for using the site, contributing to it as well as all the valuable input the community has provided that has helped to shape DGCR and continues to do so to this day. Really, without all you guys, the site wouldn't be much of anything, so thank you!

So I really should have planned something awesome for the anniversary but unfortunately I didn't have the time to put something really cool together. Due to my lack of imagination, I'm going to run a little sale instead. For the rest of the week, I've lowered the price of the apps and also for the premium site membership. If you're not familiar with the premium membership I put a link at the bottom.

Thanks again everyone... hopefully DGCR will be around for another 10 years!



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Great resource for the DG community, keep it up!

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Man... The hours ive wasted here

Thanks for the fun!

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Wow, thanks for reminding me how fast time flies by! Can't believe it has been that long already.
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Originally Posted by timg View Post
..... For the rest of the week, I've lowered the price of the apps and also for the premium site membership. If you're not familiar with the premium membership I put a link at the bottom.

Thanks again everyone... hopefully DGCR will be around for another 10 years!


Thanks for the deal. I just extended my Premium membership another year!

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Thank You Tim!
This is my #1 internet site, supporting my healthiest hobby.
I'm in constant amazement when local disc golfers ask for course info & suggestions on the local Facebook group. Hope they never tire of me posting a link to a specific page on your site that answers everything they asked.
And the discount on extending my Premium membership wasn't necessary... but I definitely took advantage of you again!

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Thanks Tim! I continue to enjoy the site/info


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Happy Anniversary, timg! My membership isn't due until Dec., but I took advantage of the discount and extended it now. It's a great deal, and I'm always surprised at the number of daily or near daily posters that don't support the site.

*Chugs* to another 10 years, and more!

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I've only been on the site about 5 years, but have spent a lot of time here, even at work!
If you have time this year, maybe you can do a special 10th Anniversary DGCR Bag Tag! I've missed a couple of the windows, but wouldn't miss that one.
Thanks again for the BEST DISC GOLF SITE on the interwebs!!

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Just like the day it launched, DGCR is still the greatest thing to happen to disc golf on the web. I'm glad I knew life for nearly a year before TimG shared his wonderful invention on my local (at the time) messageboard. Previously making and trading self-made Microsoft Streets & Trips maps I and other people had pieced together based from directions (NOT COORDINATES) on the PDGA and regional club websites was fun and painful at the same time. I chuckle when I see new players in a parking lot pull out the app or mobile site and say, "Let's find another course!" It's all so easy now thanks to just one person.

We all love you TimG. The insane number of hours for very little financial return could not be appreciate more greatly. I call BS on 95% of people using #growthesport but you, having NEVER claimed that, have done more to help disc golf than just about anyone else out there.

EVERYONE - if you've never tried a Premium Membership please do so now. It really does help to keep the site going and there are lots of excellent premium features. I live and die by the "Hide Already Played Courses" checkbox in the map view. Why do I want to waste time on courses I've already hit? The Roadtrip planner is great as well but I've always been a Premium Member so I forget what extra features I enjoy. Just sign up!

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