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Default Describe your passion for disc golf

I have been playing disc golf for 3 years now and still have a strong passion for the game. Unlike other activities or sports that I have played over the years, I still feel such excitement each time that I get out and throw. When I pull into the parking lot of a course and see those baskets, my heart starts beating faster and I really cannot get out of the car fast enough to throw my first disc. Even if it is practice day in the field, I just love getting out and throwing the discs around. One would think that I over time you would lose some of that excitement but I only think that it is getting stronger inside of me. Share your thoughts about your passion for disc golf.
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i know exactly what you mean. ive only played for a little over a year. when i get near the course i start to get this feeling like im finally here at home and i belong
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When I'm thinking about playing, I can feel my wrist wanting to snap.
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borders on obsession
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Originally Posted by solomon.trenton View Post
borders on obsession
If our post counts are any indication.
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When I started playing disc golf, there were NO courses anywhere near where I live. I designed my own courses using light poles as targets first in a nearby park, then later trashcans at a different park. As more people started joining me, I designed another course in another city park using trees and light poles marked with flag tape for the targets. Then I discovered the huge amount of acreage with trees, hills, and water features at Thompson Park (home of our local course now). I have designed many, many different courses in different areas of this park, utilizing all of the available features.

I bought a portable Mach III basket in 1989 (the first one in the Panhandle area), and I have hauled that thing around to a lot of different sites promoting the game and letting others use it to experience the thrill of this crazy game. Now we've got 19 baskets in the ground at the Disc Creek course and hopefully more on the way for other parts of town.

During the late 80's and into the 90's I traveled a lot playing tournaments and different courses. These days I pretty much stay close to home, keeping a lighter schedule than those glory days. I still organize local events and weekly rounds, plus demos for schools and other groups.
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my passion is bordering on unhealthy. ask the wife
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I can't get enough. I first played with a Wham-O in 1977, then found the sport again in 1987 using golf discs.
I played a round the other day, it was muddy and I was the only one on the course. I had some good shots but I also achieved my constant goal....the perfect shot! I had one on a 220' downhill slight turnover hole. The disc came out of my hand going right at the target I had picked out...did a slight turn over landed a few feet in front of the basket and skipped 2 feet past the basket. Exactly what I tried to do. Of course an ace would have sealed it but the flight of the disc was exactly what I tried to do therefore a perfect shot. I have replayed that shot in my head quite a few times the last 2 days.

How can anyone do that and not have a strong desire to go back for more?

I have a disc golf fantasy...I'm standing on a mound surrounded by 18 tees that lead to my favorite holes, all I have to do is walk a few feet from tee to tee and throw my endless supply of perfect golf discs. lol
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If my wife stood at the door in lingerie with her disc bag and said "you wanna go to the bedroom or out to the course?" I would literally have to pause and think on it.

Hopefully she would realize that you can do it 24hrs a day while there is limited sun at the course.
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