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Haven't we learned anything from the pros switching sponsors this off season? You don't spend big bucks, you go where the money is and throw what they give you. Oh wait, that isn't happening to most of us. Um, forget retirement, buy expensive discs or pray that a pro who throws the same mold wins the World Championship.
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Though it isnt likely ill run out, challengers or comets would be the disc for me.
I dont even know what id do...i guess foci and strati ???

To be more detailed, ron russel z comets and bar stamp challengers, which are likely to run out.
For those id use the yellow ghost stamp z comets and team stamp challengers.
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Originally Posted by smyith View Post
So you lose your favorite disc and you have no backups to it. You hop online to purchase a new one and come to find out that it's been discontinued.you then scour the internet but you can't find one anywhere.

What is that disc? and what do you speculate you would replace it with?

what you do is find out what disc that company used to replace it..... I had this problem a while back when I was looking for discraft reapers and they no longer made it. needless to say i have three preds in my bag now
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Just buy another buzzz to make myself feel better
then cry
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I had the same putter for 5 years and lost it, none of my back-ups felt right so I used it as an opportunity to switch putters. Now I'm glad it happened.
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My only non-full production disc is a CryZtal Buzzz. Not as hard to find as a KC Pro Teebird, but the one I have is my only ace to date. I have 2 in the mail coming right now, and am thinking about retiring the ace one when they arrive, and grab a few more over time so as to hopefully never run out. Luckily I'm not stamp- or color-specific.

My other main discs are blessedly very popular and not likely to go anywhere any time soon.
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Oh No! What do we do?
Don't look now but I lost my shoe.
I can't run and I can't kick.
What's a matter babe, are you feelin' sick?
What's a matter, what's a matter, what's a matter you?
What's a matter babe, are you feelin' blue?

sorry couldnt resist
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So, I wake up in the morning, and inexplicably, every Fuse in the world had been captured by the North Koreans and melted into name tags. I guess I either learn to throw Stingrays or Comets, or see if the Kite's flight numbers are true, and it is basically a longer Fuse.
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I dunno if this would ever happen to me... The discs I use can be swapped out for similar discs pretty easily...

Aviar - any aviar clone
Zone - Pig, VP
Roc - Pain
Gator - Drone, Warrior
Trident - Banshee
Eagle - Cyclone, Tracker
Saint - Volt
Nuke - Boss

Only one I wouldn't have a close equivalent to would be the Condor, but as it's really more of a fun disc I could do without if needed.
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Rhyno -> Zone(?), Birdie, Any BB Aviar mold (JK's lately)
Roc -> Wasp, Comet
Eagle -> Cyclone
Firebird -> Banshee, Predator, XXX
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