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Old 12-04-2018, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by thatdirtykid View Post
Currently its the predator. I love PDs too much and the stal being beefier with less glide overlaps less.
I'd be happy to take a few sweet flat top preds off your hands then. I know you have some!
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Envy - just don't bag it anymore since my Atoms are really similar

M4 - great US mid, but I just don't use that shot as much anymore and the Alias is smoother with more control on Annys

Justice/BuzzzOS - great OS mids but I haven't really used them much since getting a new Zone and Machete

F7 - Sweet feeling disc with a nice US flight, but I have a couple F7's that feel and fly amazing and many others that are a paper plate - consistency made me look elsewhere - once I used a Patriot I knew that was the US fairway for me. RIP F7

F5 - Smooth straight fairway but have too much overlap already - Patriot and Volts kinda got that covered

Teebird - I actually still use the teebird and Teebird3 but lately im carrying a couple volts and that covers a lot of those - in summer I prefer to have a solid stable Tbird in the bag tho

Firebird - replaced with Machete - I will still bag it in place of a machete it may depend on conditions

Roadrunner - loved it for a long time - replaced with an Insanity - Insanity may be one of my favorite discs to throw (I suggest a max weight proton, they rule)

Valkyrie - Love it, still do, but just got away from it, too fast for fairway lines, not fast enough for distance lines, overall a great disc but just haven't found a spot ---I may revisit it if they release a new star blend of them.

Pulse - Great OS speed 10-11 disc. they went OOP and I just haven't used them lately but still in my collection and will likely be brought out when the time is right

Flick - Crazy Flat OS. Just fun and crazy, but a little unpredictable on the skips so the Machete kinda takes care super OS stuff anyway

D3 - was a good disc, but never found a replacement that flew like my first one did - moved on to Mayhem and Outlaws

Stiletto - I love this disc but its So fast and OS that I usually just use a OS Destroyer for that kinda shot and I get more throws in with that than the more OS Stiletto - more situations call for a OS Destroyer than the super beef of the Stiletto- with that said, I like to put it in the bag from time to time and its a GREAT disc and I Highly recommend it to people who like OS discs
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Envy, I really just don't need it. A Wizard works just as well for a drive for me anyway.
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Old 12-04-2018, 03:45 PM
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Mine is very specific - it is a Big Z Drone that I loved for awhile.

It is beat into about OS roc stability, but the OS glide of that disc is a gorgeous sight to behold, and having a mid range that you can anhyzer flex is useful for shot shaping in the woods. I just have no reason to bag it since I have a star rancho roc that basically does the same thing. Between the zone I throw and the beefy FAF firebird, there really is no reason to bag it besides liking it.

I wish I could get all disc in big z plastic.
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Old 12-04-2018, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Golden Tuna View Post
Max: OOP and I'm scared of losing the only disc that can give the FB a run for its money (RHFH)
I think Hyzerbomb/Millennium makes this, called the Sabot. Just came out with a metalflake version.


Well I've already gushed over the Sword in another thread so I'll say Sword. Actually, I've found a lot of my gyro stuff sneaking into my main bag lately, being the Ion, Envy (loving for FH), Insanity, and especially my Servo which just lasers for FH. I don't bag the Longbowman, Felon, or Buzzz but I throw those in immediately on a course with lots of disc lost potential.

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Originally Posted by Casey 1988 View Post
Most favoret discs not currently bagged.

12x Ken Climo ROC with full color Ice bowl logo 180 grams, worth around $35-$40 due to the stamp making the disc flatter topped like a 10x or 11x Ken Climo ROC. Then a 2008 South Dakota State Disc 172-173 grams, I played in the tournament. Then a Wasp limited edition Elite Z plastic from a tournament I never played though I won that disc , as well as a Wasp with a tournament I did not play in limited edition Elite X. I can't throw ROC or ROC like disc so that is why the ROC and the Wasp's are out of my bag.

last a OOP g9i Wizard 172 grams, was only for an approach shot at about 45-50 feet, so specific a distance it was not worth keeping in my bag. I now have other discs that can do that shot and more, my old Pro Shark and Star Shark both 175 grams.

Possibly an old wore out 6 time champion Juliana Korvar Valkyrie bought in 2006 only because that disc convinced me to get the rest of my Innova discs except Leopard, soon retired the disc and #2 driver (lost under water) from Lighting in Champion plastic that were made in Champion plastic. No Star plastic was out and I did not have many Discraft discs yet maybe the Wasp in Elite X I mention above that I did throw but stopped after I found I did not like how you have to power those ROC and ROC like discs to have them fly without just dropping out at end of flight when disc first lost power. Star plastic did not come out until 2008 or so.
I no longer have the G9i, gave that to a Wizard user.

I forgot to say a Rubber putter though I do not currently have one, they made one of the best approach putters for that slow type glide to the basket but I currantly use a 175 gram star or old Pro Shark for that use as mentioned above.

The others including the X Wasp is still a favorite just too light and not made anymore. I have a Z Wasp (early run of Z from 2008 from a tournament, not older Elite Z) at correct weight for the disc to my play and it stinks. The one KC ROC is a disc I will not throw as I can't use the mold but it is a favorite for the fact I played in a really cold Ice bowl to win my division.

I never liked the #2 Driver after it was found to only float for 15-20 minutes. I now use the Dragon for floater and as a water disc that I trade out for a new one when they become flippy, end of flight the disc is landing upside down. I will also say the XL in Z/Elite Z was a favoriet but that is going to my mom my old one as a back up of hers as I needed a new one and it is oop. She can use the disc since she has problems generating power so the flippy problem I had will not show up for her. I did think about doing what I did with my old early run Champion Valkyrie but that Elite Z XL is not as trashed so I can give it away to somebody. I currently use a Z Stalker in its place (better flight, tad more awkward flight) but still have a ESP XL as it has the same fight as Stalker, not flippy like the Z version was but the ESP XL dumps out more at end of flight then Stalker.

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Originally Posted by VictorB View Post
I'd be happy to take a few sweet flat top preds off your hands then. I know you have some!
I sure do. Theres a few molds I won't get rid of my favorite backups. Which is good cause thats how the PD found its way back into rotation so easily.
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Discraft: Buzzz and Crush

Latitude 64: Pure and Fuse

MVP: Atom

Prodigy: PA1 and F5

Legacy: Patriot

Millennium: OLF

Gateway: Warlock

Innova: Coyote and Classic Roc

Others: Yeah, others... I’ve lost interest or forgotten.

So many discs, so little time.

*Oh yeah, the Ultrastar!

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