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Originally Posted by smarkquart View Post
I agree that this year's Wraiths are not monstrous overstable; that is why I had no issue coming back to them after many years. However, many molds, most notably the Destroyer and Thunderbird were completely different than Champion.

That is why I am turning here for anecdotal research. Inbounds has the DD as a touch longer and straighter flier than the Wraith. I am not looking for a huge difference from the Wraith, the checking account would not be happy with me, but if it indeed it is a straighter flyer than the Wraith, with my style of throwing flat and low for 400', then that would be perfect. Right now, this DD rivals the Wraith in raw distance, but the Wraith was closer to the intended line; straightening the DD out with more forward fade as the numbers suggest, might give it a few feet of advantage. For better or worse, several Minnesota courses have holes where just a few feet over 400' power provides a huge advantage over those who are just under, especially if you are as bad of a putter as I am outside of 20'. All numbers suggest that it is not a Firebird and Valkyrie difference, but those are only numbers.

The dyed C-Line 175g was not grossly overstable, no where the Firebirds I pack, but it had more HSS than I would like for a flat release. That may even out with some headwind, but I want a straighter thrower at power. The S DDx I run already covers shaping lines on max distance throws, but now I am looking for max distance that I can aim a little right (because I am notorious for unconsciously releasing a millisecond late), it will hold true, and then fade in at the end. I am hoping the S DD can get relatively the same distance as the DDx but on the line I just described. The Wraith, while more consistent than the other drivers I have tried recently, locks on to unintentional OAT lines and or has more lateral movement than I would like. The Halo is closer to the flight I would like, but the wider (and I can feel the difference between 2.2 and 2.4) and slightly slanted inner rim make it a less comfortable grip.

I guess the ultimate answer I am looking for here is whether or not the S Line, at least the most recent runs that I would pick up in the store, are they less HSS stable than the C-Line? If so, by how much?
The S-Line DD and DDx are my go to distance forehand and backhand drivers, respectively. Here is my take on your question. I think you'll struggle to get similar distance from the DD as you do for the DDx and the reason is the difference in glide. Discmania giving the DDx a 6 while the DD is a 5 is not a mistake, and itmeans that the DD will start falling out of the sky while the DDx is still floating. Maybe that difference is lessened if you get a more domey DD, but I think it would still be noticeable because of how the discs are designed.

The disc I'd recommend you check out is the Opto Cutlass. I use it as my max distance stable forehand driver on shots that I need to go a little farther that the DD. To me, it flies like a very long Thunderbird with slightly more fade. The rim is also 2.2 cm which is within the range you mentioned and is very comfortable in my opinion shape-wise.
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The numbers aren't accurate for the DD. It's more OS. Your disc is probably not a freak, they fly overstable
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The only two DD's I've thrown were both P-line, and they were still both more HSS than any Wraith I can recall. They both held a nice tight line for good distance, but I didn't throw them enough to remember the fade at the end or how far they were going. I've recently picked up a Star Orc that seems to be more HSS than flippy Wraiths with slightly less fade at the end than stable Wraiths. I would have grabbed a P-line DD if one had been locally available.
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Any dd's in gstar?
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How does the DD feel in the hand compared to the Wraith. I feel that the Wraith's rim is too square but the Destroyer feels fine in my hand. I'm looking for something for max D forehand but is less OS than a fresh C-PD.
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Originally Posted by Dr.Smooth View Post
Any dd's in gstar?
They have prototypes on the Discmania store. I used to have one but did not feel it offered anything special. Very solid disc for sure, but nothing to get excited about.
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Default First run DD

Does anyone have any experience with First run DD?
How are their flights and what is the value of a brand new first run DD?
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Can you post a picture of the DD? I assume 175 grams?

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