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Originally Posted by xyman621 View Post
This is a great thought and I'd have to say I'd say I am adding pressure before the hole starts. "I HAVE to get this hole, I missed #4" is a common thought. The night before is helpful to envision, then execute, plus helps me know what disc I want to throw, but could see it adding onto that.

That first round I do feel a sense of pressure, and every bad shot compounds that. I'd say I definitely feel more relaxed, less anxiety, and less stressed in the second round, especially if I'm middle of the pack. "I am where I am, might as well have fun with it."
Yeah I'd play around with being aware of this. Also be open to changing disc selection on the teepad if there is an unexpected wind, or the ground is more or less grabby than anticipated, etc.

Try not to count your score as you're playing, and more importantly don't count your score on a hole before the hole is complete. This includes on the tee pad thinking about how it's a simple hole and you need to birdie it, or even after a good drive within 25' and already counting it as a birdie.

I find I play well when I don't take anything for granted. And if I have a bad break like a spit out or a bad roll, or a bad drive on a very easy hole, I try to think that it will even out over the round. Like I might hit a 60' putt, or shank a drive off line that still sneaks through all the trees, and this will make up for the bad break by getting a shot that I wasn't counting on working. It's easy to forget the lucky shots and remember the ones you thought you deserved to have work.
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Originally Posted by Casey 1988 View Post
Get to the course early and play a hole often a shorter as if you are playing the course tournament style, often with a PDGA tournament they have a tournament book for any odd mandos and the like that now have to be marked obvious some way.
Makes sense to me.

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When I have played tourneys, I usually see Pros and better players actually playing a few holes before the round starts.

Another tip is an old one: Play like you practice and practice like you play.
That is, possibly make your practice rounds look and feel more like your competitive rounds and vice versa...
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Originally Posted by ILUVSMGS18 View Post
I'm usually the opposite, where my morning rounds are better, but the last tourney I played in, I shot a pair of identical scores (my second round had 3 straight 6s and I blew a giant [8] lead on holes I had parred the round before).

Best advice I can give is to make sure you eat before the round and have water on the course with you. I find myself reaching for my water to cool my nerves and as a result am more focused.
I am same way, it is more the mental game that gets me in the second half.
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For me personally, I used to crash in the 2nd round. My problem was that I would overeat at lunch and then have a sluggish feeling in the afternoon. So I now just eat a minimal amount between rounds to get me by and eliminate the mental distraction of feeling hungry. Same thing goes before the first round. I try not to eat too much, anything too heavy, or anything that might require an urgent bathroom visit.

I'm also one of those people that prefers to get there early enough to play through the majority of the course before the player meeting, especially if it's a course I'm not as familiar with. I throw 1 or 2 drives on each hole and try to figure out what disc to throw, where to land for an approach, etc. I don't usually play them out, but just look for preferred lines and landing zones. From there it's just on to the next hole. And if there's time before the 2-minute warning, I like to throw a good tee shot on my starting hole just to have a sense of confidence before it counts. For me, that's more beneficial than practice putting right up until the horn. I'd rather put myself in a position with my drive and approach where I don't have to make a spectacular putt in order to score well on a hole.
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Originally Posted by foo_g View Post
I'd rather put myself in a position with my drive and approach where I don't have to make a spectacular putt in order to score well on a hole.
Yes... mentally it helps to shake the rust off and be prepared to just try and get close enough to avoid comeback putts. Don't run a birdie at 100' slide it in for an easy par... heck it might hit anyhow.. Come out of the gate fired up but conservative.

I also recommend throwing your Comet etc a half dozen times at least to tune in. That's my windsock for throwing ability the day of.. Not getting it up to speed Tursas time.. Too much go juice, Tangent time!

There's also the need to not melt down or feel like you need to make up a stroke, if possible I don't want to keep score on my own card, I try and not add it up until the end. Things I chant in my head:

"Par's good enough"
"Lots of golf left"
"Play the fairway not the basket"
"It's not a crappy drive, it's a chance for a great birdie/par"

There's also holes where they are not friendly to my throw other guys will get birds but I'm happy with par.. There's a few that get me for double bogeys too often and I'm happy with a single bogey.. I'll make it up somewhere.. There's been a few tournament's where I shot alright, nothing great but consistently alright and I end up on top.

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