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To me the wing feels very similar to a sidewinder, but it’s a bit taller/thicker in the hand.
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Default Viking

I believe it’s a Viking wing. Which is a super underrated disc imo throws almost identical to my c line cd2 but not as much glide.
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The Viking and the Valkyrie both have the same rims. That wing has a recognizable curve in the middle as mentioned. The CD2 does not have that.

Definitely seems more Sidewinder to me when comparing the molds by eye.

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I had never really heard of this disc 6 months ago. Was in Worthy Burger(craft beer and food) in South Royalton Vermont. The brewer from Upper Pass Beer(AMAZING BEER, try Cloud Drop) comes in to drop off a keg. Sits down next to us for a beer and some food. My buddy does website work for lots of the disc golf stuff in the region so starts talking some business with him. We also talk about beer and other stuff. He says are you guys gonna be here a min, we were like sure. They were in the process of opening a new tasting and retail space in town. he runs over and grabs 4 discs and gives me 2 and my buddy 2. They sponsored a doubles tournament last year and have a bunch of them. He gave me a MD3, and a CD2. My buddy got a P2 and a MD3. The MD3 was too OS for me so I traded it to a buddy who loves them. I tried the CD2 in field work and it flew nice but it was up against some stiff competition for fairway drivers so I did not bag it initially. Fast forward a few months later and I was playing a glow round and it is clear champ plastic so I put a light on it. I knocked lights off of some of my other discs and ended up throwing pretty much two full rounds of glow golf throwing the cd2 on all sorts of lines.

Now it is the focus of my fairways, I went and bought another one from upper pass and this weekend I am hoping to get over to Marshall street and want to pick up a Star and Gstar one. For my arm the stability on this disc is perfect. If I rip it there will be some turn, nothing crazy though. I can just barely hyzerflip it. I am looking forward to beating them to the point where I have some US ones,with that glide would be crazy. The big thing about this disc that amazes me the most though, it BOMBS. For a fairway doing fieldwork sometimes its right there with the fast stuff. Its sort of like a slightly more stable, but much more controllable version of a Saint.

Upper pass sells some nice ones if people collect. It is here https://upperpassbeer.com/store/ . Its funny I went in there for the second one and the discs were not out. The person working did not know about them at all. He called the owner over who recognized me and charged me 10 bucks for a disc and then asked me what to charge for them lol. Anyway sorry for the spam but this disc has amazed me of late.
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I've got an S-Line CD2 (175g) with a mild pop-top. Bought it a few months back & it was initially super OS. Basically a Thunderbird. Over the last few weeks I've been bringing it out to a lot of wooded courses to break it in & I'm starting to see a lot of potential. It's still really OS but I could see it turning into my most used distance driver. Now that it's taken some hits I'm getting some super accurate & long FH's. Are all S-Line CD2's near Thunderbird stable?
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Originally Posted by Stable View Post
Are all S-Line CD2's near Thunderbird stable?
I have only thrown 3 or 4. The more stable ones I have thrown are like a worked in Thunderbird where they are like -0.5/2 in flight...they will hold straight or show a hint of turn and reliably sweep fade. The more mellow ones will have a neutral -1/2 flight that push straight for a very long time but you know will not burn. Thunderbirds can start out with a very firm HSS, less glide, and an earlier fade.

I could definitely use the stable CD-2's as my Thunderbird slot for how I like Thunderbirds to fly. But I do like FH'ing Thunderbirds hard even with wind and I don't think the CD2 will quite do that. In calm CD2 gets me great FH lasers.

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Agree with Slowplastic, I especially like to FH CD2 for control drives on calm days. It's got enough fade that you can count on it to finish and if you can throw sidearm with a good variety of angles you're going to have fun throwing them. BH I typically just throw PDs, but I will throw CD2 on hyzer flip to flat lines in the woods when I don't have the ceiling to throw an FD.

I will add that not all CD2 are that stable, glow seems to be the least stable right off the shelf. They aren't going to roll from a flat release but the glow ones do turn more and fade less, probably -1.5, 1.5 and will beat in more turn and losing fade fairly quick.

In general the domey S-Lines seem to be the most OS, more OS than a typical CD2. The Roaming Thunder ones come to mind (although mine was actually flippy, it seems to be the exception).

The flat S-Lines are around -1, 2. The domey S-lines and the C-Lines seem to be more likely to push into that -0.5, 2.

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My flatter S-line started out as something like -1/2 but has quickly broken in to be more understable. It needs a bit of hyzer to fly straight now.

When new, I liked to throw it for flex forehands that would go way left without totally burning, and then fight out at the end. Now I don't think I could pull that shot off anymore. It would flip and roll.

I picked up a pop-top Roaming Thunder and it's WAY more overstable. It flies almost identically to my C-PD.
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Where can you pick up the glow CD2 and are they the least stable?
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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Where can you pick up the glow CD2 and are they the least stable?
I emailed Discmania about the Glow CD2 & they said none would be produced this year.
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