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Holy crap that was a lot!!! Some really good ideas though!! I think I'm gonna borrow them for the SoCal March Madness Meetup this weekend!

Thanks so much!
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SWEET list!
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name u have a lot of time on your hands
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nice list. Next time I'm in the cities, I'll let you know. Assuming the snow ever goes away. If we get a record setting flood up here in Fargo, which isn't unlikely, I'm guessing they'll send us home. And by then it should be perfect conditions down in the cities.
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Originally Posted by Triflusal View Post
shouldn't this be add?
No. Points are EARNED for hitting trees, so you subtract strokes at the end for each tree hit.
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very nice... probably take me a couple of seasons to play enough in appropriate sized groups to try most of these out. want to try a lot of them though.
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Games you win for sucking for 500 Alex.
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I've got a storehouse of weird format variations. Some take awhile to describe though.

Here's a simple one I cam up with...

[insert your own format name here, because I suck at names] - Singles format played stroke as usual with this one catch. If player A is "out" from player B and attempts a putt and misses, player B has the option of forgoing his better lie and take player A's lie to attempt to make the putt that Player A missed. If player B successfully makes that putt, player A is assessed a penalty stroke.

However if player B also misses, player A is off the hook. Then the even closer player C (if there is one) can have the same option to take the worse lie, and make the putt from there to give player B a penalty stroke.
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Several doubles formats not included on the list yet. See PDGA Doubles Rules: http://www.pdga.com/rules/rules-for-doubles

BEST ALTERNATING SCORE: Partners each tee off and then play from their partner's lie. After their second throws partners play from each other's lies. This switching continues until both throw sequences have holed out. The best of the two sequences is the team score. This is the most fair doubles game since every player is involved in every score on every hole other than an ace.

For SKINS, we play a version when there are 5 or 6 in a group where a skin is worth 2 points per hole if won by one player. But if exactly two players have the best score on a hole they split the accumulated skins so far. This way skins don't accumulate as long like they might if you have five or six players waiting for just one person to have the best score.
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I would like to play doubles where the teams have to use their worst shot for the entire round. To avoid confusion, the other team chooses where you shoot from. It would force both teammates to make the putt to complete the hole. Sounds challenging.
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