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Default The Running Man

Every disc golf course has its characters. Those guys that always seem to play at that one particular course, and are memorable for some reason or another. Acorn park in MN has a long history and its share of characters that have inhabited the course since the 80's. I have been playing Acorn since day 1 of my disc golfing so I have experienced many of them personally. At the moment, I would like to profile my favorite, the Running Man.

The first memory I have of the running man is from about 6 years ago. I was playing a relaxed round on a fairly deserted course, it being about 11:00 am when most disc golfers are blissfully asleep or watching the price is right. I stepped up to hole #9, ripped my drive, and gathered my things to walk down the fairway. Out of the corner of my eye I catch a streak of color racing from the last hole. It was the Running Man.

The Running Man stopped on the tee pad right in front of me, and with disc in hand ready to drive asked to play through. I was taken aback that someone would ask to play through me, a single, especially when I was making fairly good time myself. I begrudgingly said ok, and the Running Man threw his drive and went straight into a run from his follow through off the teepad. I walked casually down the fairway to get to my disc, and when I reached it, I heard chains and saw a blur of color race off to the next hole. That was my first of many run ins with the Running Man.

After that incident, I saw the Running Man about once a week, always running, always playing through, never being idle. The man had insane stamina, never slowing down and even retrieving holed out discs without breaking his sprint. It got to a point where when I saw him coming, I would simply stand aside and tell him to play through. In the time it takes for me to select a disc and line up a drive he is holed out and on to the next hole. He actually became a welcome sight, as he would boldly ask to play through three groups of 5 chuckers piled up on a teepad. Once a group of chuckers has a single play through, they are much more likely to affirmatively ask other singles if they would like to do the same. The Running Man is a one man etiquette teaching machine.

On a random afternoon two years ago I ran into the Running Man on hole #1. As I prepared to defer my throw, he asked me if I wanted to play a round. I was shocked. The only things he had ever uttered before consisted of “can I play through?” and “thanks, have a good round.” I immediately accepted the match and had a ball. The dude could toss a disc, that’s undeniable. I have no idea if it was from muscle memory playing the same course twice a day for years, but he had every lane just right. Not a terribly great putter, but very consistent with everything else. He said that he averaged 7 or 8 down when he ran the course. Damn, that is impressive; I strive for 8 down without running a half marathon in the process.

I hadn’t seen the Running Man in a while before today. He ran up behind me on #8 and asked to play through as I was walking up the fairway to my parked disc. Of course I patiently waited the 20 seconds for him to sprint to the teepad, launch, and sprint to his disc. Seconds after he drove though, another guy came running up and threw a drive, sprinting down the fairway after the Running Man. I was perplexed and had to ask. Apparently the Running Man has a son. It reminded me of when I first started; how I pitch putted Aeros just like my dad, how my runup was identical to his, how I did air bump upshots just like my dad did with his #2 midnight flyer. Amazing how that goes.

If you are ever in Roseville Minnesota playing Acorn park and you see a guy running at you, let him play through and enjoy the spectacle. The Running Man is an original, and I hope he is still running for a long time to come.
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I met a guy on my second or third round who did the whole speed round thing. Classy guy, even helped me find a disc eaten by kudzu. How he managed to run that course with it's hilliness and Georgia humidity still amazes me. And I'm also a runner.
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Refreshingly pleasant and entertaining post. Thank you, sir.
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I really enjoyed that post.

Side note: could this be grodney's long lost twin brother?
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Yes great post!
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Next time tell him about DGCR - at his speed, he'll be at 10000 posts in a week!
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yeah, i see those types of over-achievers from time to time. one that comes to mind is another running man who also did push ups, sit ups, or some other type of stationary workout before every tee shot. it's like, come on. yeah, come on.
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I've seen quite a few variations of the running man. I even saw one today. I've even considered trying it myself. I know playing one disc is a great way to learn all the finer points of its various flight lines, and I hear that running is still good for you.
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We have a Running man in De Laveaga. If you have ever played that course imaging running it in less than 25 minuets.
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We used to run the course back in the day when we were teenagers, and everyone used only one disc.

We have some charactors down here, one guy only plays holes 1-5 over and over. That way he can get a beer out of his car after each round. We've played the 1st 5 with him a few times, and continued on as he went to get his brewski!
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