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This is not happening - too many different courses with too many different situations and hazards as I am the type of player that tries to keep body mechanics to a minimum and expect the disc to do the work. I have nothing against those have better control over wrist angles and such so they can make a disc to whatever they need, but that is not me.

With that said, okay, here is my attempt at seven molds to cover almost everything.

Gold Line Pure for everything 180 and under, including putting. It can do everything, but for 18 holes, I bet I lose at least one or two strokes because of a bad putt and one more because I wanted more touch to the approach. It would be taking the role of my Lucid and Classic Soft Deputy as well as the ESP Meteor

BioFuzion EMac Truth for everything 180 to 250 and or need a shaped line. Like the Pure, it can do a lot because of its neutral stability.

Lucid Verdict - goes hand and hand with the Truth, to cover whatever shots that the Truth cannot. It would also be pressed into duty to cover the Suspect and Justice. I doubt it would be able to cover those shots well, but it looks like I have no choice.

C-FD - fairway duties where I need a singular line. It would also cover most of my Gazelles shots.

GStar TeeBird3 - workhorse fairway driver. By the definition of workhorse, it has its own job, does it well, and is not masking for other discs.

Lucid Trespass -The big boy driver that can be powered down for long precision shots. I would likely also carry a BioFuzion or another very seasoned Lucid.

BioFuzion Enforcer - This would be one where I would carry another Enforcer - since that is permitted by the rules - and would also have a Lucid-X Enforcer. They are essentially two different discs, however.
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5 Destroyers
2 Firebirds
3 Orion LFs
2 Roadrunners
5 Rocs
2 Harps
3 Wizards

So, exactly what’s already in my bag.

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Star Leopard
Champ Teebird
Champ RRunner
Champ Spider
Blend Judge
Er Wizard
(19) DX polecats (varying from 150grs to 168grs that are all weighed by me, before and after each round to ensure they are exactly how i like them. I also assign a color and stamp design to each weight (i.e. all 165's are white with a red stamp that i send off to have signed by Nate Sexton).
This set up varies depending on wind.

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5 - Fossil Wizard

3 - Harp (VIP and 2 Hard)

4 - EMAC Truth (Moonshine, 2 Lucid, Bio)

3 - FD (2nd run C Line, C Line, G Line)

3 - Firebird (FAF, 2 sextons)

2 - PD (C Line and S Line)

5 - Star Destroyer

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I could do this as I carry 9 molds and 18 discs right now, could drop about 2 or 3 disc molds.
Putter Magnets, a old hard stiff pre 2005 model and 2 Jawbreakers 1 is broken in more for long putts says approach putter on disc for long putts/hazard putts other just putter for putting, both jawbreaker have sharpie of ring on Pro D stamp drawn on to help with thumb placement. all are 173-174 grams.

Midrange, Pro Shark and Star Shark both 174 grams, 2 Champion Shark 3 177 grams

Farway, 2 Impacts ESP 170-172 grams. Archer Z 170-171 grams

Drivers, 2 Valkyrie Champion Glow and Star 2009 Ice bowl one both at 170 grams

Max drivers 2 Champion Destroyers, a 167 or 168 gram disc and a 170 gram model

Discs I left out are a Dragon, for water and open down wind shots. 2 XL a old Elite Z mold and a ESP from a tournament in 2007. Lighting U-2 or Upshot #2 putter in Prostyle plastic for Uphill/down putts as I can use a Jawbreaker Magnet nearly as well as my uphill downhill putter. These are the 3 molds I dropped to get down to 7 molds from 10 molds. I had low enough on the disc amount.
I do not do a cycle with discs much as that is not something I like, having to do with most discs. I will with my Jawbreaker putters rotate the discs when the longer more beat in long putter to fly straight disc is more Floppy after a few years get a new Jawbreaker Magnet and use the long putter as a uphill downhill putter/hazard putter, the putter I use for putting becomes the approach putter for long putts some hazard putts. This is due to how non durable the Jawbreaker plastic is.
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I have been working the last month toward this (minimalist) goal. The latest incarnation:

Escape: 1 (heavy) Lucid, 2 (light) Lucid, 1 BioFuzion
Warship: 1 (heavy) VIP, 2 (light) VIP, 1 TP
Longbowman: 2 * TP (Fresh and Beat)
Maul: 1 OPTO, 1 GL
Suspect: 2 * Fuzion (Fresh and Beat)
Warden: 1 Fuzion, 1 Fluid, 2 Classic (Putting)

90%+ of drives will be with a Escape, Warship or Warden. The Longbowman, Maul and Suspect are primarily "specialty" discs for wind, turnovers, rollers, FH, OH, etc.
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Right now I'm at 21 discs, 12 molds. Shouldn't be too tough to reduce the molds, really just dropping the specialty discs and replacing with different variations of the "core" molds. I could definitely combine Rival/Firebird/PD into 1 or 2 molds to get the mold count down further.

2 S Wizards (putting)
3 S Wizards (throwing, 1 super beat, 1 lightly beat, 1 fresh)
4 Ghosts (beat Gravity, fresh Gravity, Protege, Pinnacle)
3 Patriots (1 light Pinnacle, 1 heavy Pinnacle, 1 Icon)
2 Rivals (1 Special Blend, 1 Pinnacle)
2 Firebirds (both Champion, 1 beat, 1 fresh)
2 PDs (1 S-line, 1 C-line)
3 Outlaws (1 light Pinnacle, 1 Sparkle, 1 heavy Pinnacle)

Final count 7 molds, 21 discs

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Hmmmm...prob something like

4 x P2 (3 d line, 1 sky god)
1 x zone (z flx)
3 x Rancho Roc (2 x dx glow, 1 x star)
2 x Leopard (1 x champ, 1 x pro)
1 x Teebird (champ)
1 x Sexton Firebird
3 x PD (p line, p line, s line)
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4x Star Wraith(OS to flippy)
3x Fuzion Felon(OS to workable)
4x Star Teebird(OS to flippy)
4x S Line Prophecy(OS to flippy)
1x Champ Rhyno
4x PWP Wizard(2 putters 2 throwers)

I would leave my last slot open for a kind of secret weapon/depending on cpurse/utility slot.

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Judges; 2 Classic Blend, 2 Prime Burst.
P3X; 2 C-Line
MD3; 2 C-Line, 1 Glow McMahon
Gator; Jolly Launcher Flat Top x2
Teebird; 2 Champ 12x, 2 Star
FD3; 1 Doombird, 2 C-Line, 1 Glow C-Line.
Destroyer; 2 Star, 1 AJ Star

7 Molds, 22 Discs.

I didn't even throw Destroyers until my mom bought me one for Christmas and they're so comfortable in my hands that they gotta stay in my bag, now. Although, I'm not uber crazy for them like some of my friends are =)

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