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Originally Posted by B.Fairbanks.1023 View Post
Haha thanks for the clarification. I've played other sports for money and am better under pressure so my thought is that having money on the line should only help me, as weird as that sounds. As for the pace of play, I've played by myself and in a gang of 12 people so I've been exposed to both. This tournament scene sounds very similar to my high school golf team...should be interesting lol. Thanks!
This is coming from a guy who plays up and usually finishes middle to bottom but loves every minute of it...

I really think you should see if there are different layouts being played. Around here, Intermediate (MA2) and Advanced (MA1) usually play different layouts. If I'm going to waste a Saturday on a tourney, I would rather play the more challenging layout with better competition.

Look into which layouts are being played on which courses. Ask TD if necessary. If you're familiar with those courses, you should have an idea how you can expect to fare on those courses/layouts. My first tournament, I actually played Open and got killed (not last though). No regrets. I think starting Int or Adv is reasonable if you know you're not out of place there.

Look into rules enough to know if you need to adjust your play when changing from casual to official. And it never hurts to let card mates know it's your first PDGA event. I've really enjoyed all my card mates and learned tons about disc golf and tournament play.
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As far as which division to play:

It really depends on what you want out of it. Are you looking to win? Start in Rec (or Novice if it's offered).

Are you looking to play a certain set of tees or different layout? See which division(s) is (are) playing that.

Looking to be competitive? Check past results on the same layout you'll be playing, add 5 to your average score, and place yourself accordingly.
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A tournament is nearly a full day of disc golf. Try to make the most of dedicating this kind of time to a hobby, enjoy yourself, be prepared and compete.

-Get there on time. Nothing worse than cruising in late, in panic mode and scrambling to get ready.
-Be prepared, know the weather and be ready for all conditions. Have towels, sunscreen, bug dope, extra layers and a jacket for after the round.
-Eat breakfast and start hydrating.
-Pay attention in the players meeting and know the rules before enter into tournament play.
-Maybe bring a course map and something to keep your own score on. Getting out to your hole can be a frustrating and stressful start to the day, if you don't know the course.
-Be friendly with your card, keep score for your share of the holes, ask and announce score out loud for everyone.
-Play your game and the course. Don't try your opponents lines, when they are not your game. Take your pars and birdies as they present themselves. Avoid those "blow up holes".
-Carefully add your scores and everyone else. Make sure the card gets turned in.
-Bring your lunch, heading out for lunch is another potential point of stress, if things don't go well. Hydrate and relax. Maybe bring a lawn chair.
-Maybe a fresh pair of socks and/or boots for the second round.
-Listen for a players meeting before the second round and be ready to get out to your hole early.
-Give yourself some time to stick around after the second round. Bust out a lawn chair, have a couple beers and enjoy rehashing the round with your new friends and some new ones you can meet.
-Remember, we only spend a few seconds each hole throwing, the rest is a walk in nature with some friends. Enjoy yourself, while challenging yourself to play your best.

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^ Sage and detailed tourney wisdom from a guy I know personally, and is great to have on your card.

Follow his advice and you'll be prepared for whatever comes your way. That allows you to be relaxed and stay in your comfort zone and enjoy the experience. And that helps you do your best.

Put it all together, and you'll wanna do it again and again.
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