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Originally Posted by wolfhaley View Post
That is the craziest looking thing I've ever seen. I've heard of the disc before but never would've dreamed it looked like that.
Originally Posted by Golden Tuna View Post
It was ridiculous! I can't imagine anyone ever got that thing to fly. It was kinda fun trying though...
I was honestly a bit disappointed with the results once I finally got to use a Turbo Putter (that image is not the 10m Brick, THIS IS A 10M BRICK). Did not expect the understability. Yes the finger grooves on the rim absolutely aid in a consistent release and chain grabbing, but I didn't find myself making turbo putts any more easily than with other molds I've preferred over the years (Berg, Rattler, Wizard, Focus, Rhyno, Sonic, Tank, Polecat, Juju, #2 Upshot). Maybe if I spent some real time with it and learned thumb placements with the spiral "thumb track" thing - doesn't seem worth the investment.

I digress...

Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
It's amazing the random stuff I find in used bins. I just pick up another dabbler's sloppy seconds a lot.
Ah, the ole' MAC system

EDIT: I stopped trying companies right around the explosion of Euro plastic and DD/Prodigy entering the marketplace. Before then I tried just about everything under the sun. Time and time again I go back to molds saying, "why did I ever take this out of my bag?" Currently carry:


Axiom (Crave)
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Just about all of them, I guess. Or at least it felt like it a few years ago, before a lot more small companies popped up.

Brands that I can definitely confirm were in the actual bag rotation for a while:
Quest AT (the Inferno was the longest flying disc of that time)

Brands that I've thrown in the bag for a round or two:

Brands that I currently carry

The rest I've never done more than maybe pick up a disc just to feel it.

I've done the 'try all the discs' thing for a long time. Every once in a while now I'll try something new, and sometimes it's a hit (Hurricane/Steady are two that really stick out recently) but most of the time it's more of the same or the disc doesn't do anything that I *need* to have it for.

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I've tried Innova, Discraft, Gateway, Latitude 64, Westside, and Discmania.

I've only tried a couple molds of each outside of Discraft and Innova, tho. I came to the conclusion that every company has viable discs.

My bag is mixed, Innova and Discraft.
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Originally Posted by BigFlickLuke View Post
I've only tried a couple molds of each outside of Discraft and Innova, tho. I came to the conclusion that every serious company has viable discs.

I mean, especially for beginners I tell them, get any plastic you want, but not the Atom or Eurodisc beginner sets that are all wonky shaped pieces of ****. I have thrown the Atom ones and its not pretty to watch.

I its a disc golf disc manufacturer, its all good. If its a toy manufacturer that just decided to make a "frisbee" disc, avoid it like the plague.
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my list is similar to Bro Dave but I have tried quest and Daredevil and have bagged Lightning and ching. Also add Snap! to the list of brands I have bagged. I even have an ace on a whitler.

I have always like niche brands. Its worth it, the gila and berg were game changers for me (the gila is the end of a very long search, and the berg is its own thing, nothing else could quite replace it)
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When I first started playing it was a true hodgepodge. My buddies gave me a Discraft X-Putt'r, a DX Roc, and a PD2.....as I later found out, that PD2 was wwwaaayyy out of my range at that time. But I gravitated towards Discraft molds for a while because that's what my local shop had.....and now I throw almost exclusively trilogy plastics
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Tried every brand I could get my hands on initially. I have avoided Prodigy because their aesthetics don't click with me. I have not encountered stuff like Prodiscus, Lightning, Crosslap etc in the wild. I would not mind trying out some of the boutique brands like RDG and Mint.

Big fan of the mortar from Hyzerbomb and wish more unbeaded/mellowed out versions of beefy Innova discs were readily available.

I have not had the pleasure of touching any Infinite discs, would be interested for sure. Love frankenmolds that combine my favorite mold parts with new tops, cores and bottoms... like the Royal Rage.
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Innova, Discraft, Lightning, Gateway.
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