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Flip a coin their both good disc. Get one now, and the other later. If the bug hits their going to have a dozen or more pretty quick anyway.
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Get them a Max weight z comet instead of you ask me.
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Z Plastic ftw. Start out with the Buzz SS, then add a regular Buzz and finally add a Buzz OS. Those 3 discs will allow you to shape pretty much any line you can dream of.
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Originally Posted by Kodachrome View Post
Get them a Max weight z comet instead of you ask me.

you mean N theory at mid 170s to high 160s?
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Started with a Z Buzzz, went to a Champion Roc3, went back to my Z buzzz shortly after. The Roc3 was beat in, just never felt right for me so I traded it off for a few drivers. If you're a fresh newb, go with the Buzzz in my opinion, great flyer and you can do pretty much anything with it. Also may check out the Truth, I bought one a few weeks back and the buzzz hardly sees playing time anymore.
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It depends on what your friends goals are. If he wants to take disc golf somewhat seriously and get better then he should probably start with a roc and/or comet. These discs are slow and really need some good releases to get the best out of them. I personally have used all three (comet Buzzz and roc) but I tossed the rocs because I don't like the multiple stages of wear philosophy when it comes to base plastic. Sometimes I'd have shots missing simply because certain discs were not as broken in. I switched to discraft mids and never looked back. Comet fell out of my back simply because I carry three mids that cover everything the comet can do and a putter that handles those pretty touch shots.

As far as Buzzz being inconsistent? I've really only seen it between different plastic types and weights. I've handled a few esp Buzzz and they all flew the same. Same thing with z.

Also you could look into the mako, I couldn't find a buzzz at my local pias (shocking but they are fairly disorganized and buy a lot of discs from a lot of companies)... So I bought my bro a mako and he loves it.
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I would second the Mako for a first disc. I think a Panther, Coyote or Comet are good suggestions too.
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The Buzzz will offer a cleaner release for new players who aren't used to a bead.

They are also more forgiving to bad form/torque.
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Heck, if they're beginners, the inconsistencies in their game will outweigh the differences between these discs. Just getting them any decent midrange is a step in the right direction, one that a lot of beginners skip. It's not as if they'll be committed to whichever disc for the rest of their disc golf career.
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