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Originally Posted by mashnut View Post
Why read reviews before writing yours? I don't. I go through and put down my own thoughts from my notes and memories. Afterward, I'll go see if other reviewers had similar thoughts. Often there are things that are repeated, and some things that aren't. I don't worry at all about my review making the same point or points as another reviewer.

Also, writing another review solidifies the rating if you agree with the first reviewer, if you're writing a real review to go with it it's great to have more data points going into the rating.

This. 100% agree.
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Originally Posted by ohtobediscing View Post
Scarp, nothing personal, but I can't agree with this. There are WAY too many 3-sentence fanboi reviews, which seem to be written either to pump a course's standing or to get thumbs, on the most popular courses.
What do three sentence fanboy reviews have to do with "regurgitating information" that multiple people have stated? Those reviews don't regurgitate anything except the phrases "none whatsoever" and "its too far from my house" in the cons section.

Originally Posted by ohtobediscing View Post
Now, if the course has improved/changed markedly, I might have something new to add, and would consider reviewing it.
As an example, I was going to review Diamondhead DGC in MS which just opened 2012, but by the time I got to play it, ncb1221 had written a perfect review of the course, and I could add nothing different. Should a write a 3-sentence review to confirm his opinion?
No, you should act as if his review didn't exist and submit your own based on how you felt about the course. He is NOT you, and you are NOT him. I have his opinion about that course, not yours.

If there are 100 movie critics and 99 of them have reviewed the latest blockbuster, the 100th one doesn't say "what reviewer #54 said" because even if he agrees with reviewer #54 to the letter, he is still not reviewer #54.

Again, people who are buying into this "paint a picture of a course" mentality are completely missing the concept of what a review is supposed to be. There is NO SUCH THING as a "perfect" review as a review is a matter of one's opinion.

Painting a picture of a course is not reviewing it. That stuff can be done far more effectively with course information, hole distances, pictures and video. Painting a picture is more akin to a synopsis. There is a difference between that and a review.



Unfortunately, we have so many "reviews" on here that read more like a synopsis (and I'm probably guilty of this myself), I can see why so many people here have completely lost the concept.

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