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Originally Posted by BrandonOR View Post
Buzzz SS is a Prime example of this
I have to disagree, in my experience. My z buzzz ss i've bagged for 3 years, one good nick/cut but otherwise clean, is only even straighter than new. same hss, but finishes straighter. took the x comet out of the bag...
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My semi beat 180 kc roc is getting pretty straight and holds up in mild to moderate wind. When I am getting nervous about my straighter mids getting a little flippy in the wind , I reach for a fairway . Into the wind, they will go as far as a mid with minimal effort and will hold a nice line when powered down into the wind. My 170 star Leo becomes a 200 ft laser into 15 mphish winds with a soft and controlled throw. Tee bird works well for same type of shot.
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Originally Posted by Dr. Steve Brule View Post

I am looking for something new to try out for a straight mid range shot that my putters won't cover. I'd like it to be as straight as possible with little fade but still be stable enough in the wind so that I don't need to worry about it starting to turn too much for me or atleast rely on it fading back unless I am really going for an anhyzer. Other qualities I'd appreciate would be durability and getting it to go straight on a relaxed throw for tight tunnel shots. I am currently hyzer flipping my putters(Anode) for tunnel shots.

I have experiences from the Fuse, MD2, Mako, MIDARi,Buzz, Roc, Ibex, Obex and Roc's and even though they are all good discs I would like to try something new. Gotta say I love the way my Fuse flies on such an effortless throw but its a bit too touchy for me to be used on anything else but on shots I really want to end up on the right.

Been mostly looking at the Alias, Axis, Truth and Warship for the time being but I hear the Trilogy discs are struggling with winds..

I throw discs a bit over 400ft RHBH but I do use flicks from time to time so I wouldn't mind a mid range suitable for that too!
Get a Buzzz ya Dingus.
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Warships good, I'll always recommend a Truth. But I think what your talking about is a Innova Cro, try it. Small diameter, beadless. Straight to stable midrange.
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With your amount of power, a 180g Champion Roc3 will go dead straight for 90 % of the flight, then fade with quite a lot of forward motion. Just rip it low and flat. It can handle quite a lot of wind before it will turn or flip.
The Mako3 in champion and max weight should also be able to withstand a decent amount of power and wind. It might turn a bit, but on a powered down shot it will hold a straight line with minimal fade at the end. A flat one will work best for power-shots, while the domey ones will be better for powered down shots as it has more glide and will be less stable. (I've thrown both the Mako and the Mako3. I can't stand the Mako, but I've grown to like the Mako3 when I got used to it)
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