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Yeah, after 3 days of testing, I can say that the MD4 is not the overstable meathook mid some people might have been expecting, but it does pay it back with versatility. It can do a whole lot of lines, whereas a mega OS hog has only a few. Video review coming later. I wanted to take time with this one and not just crank one out as soon as I got my hands on one.
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Tested my new MD4 out this morning for a bit;

Fresh 180g C-MD4
Fresh 178g C-MD3

Feel: The feel of the MD4 is very familiar for MD3 throwers and very comfortable in the hand. It has a slightly more blunted nose and a slightly angled wing (as opposed to the MD3s rounded wing) leading to a nice flat top. The bottom wing with micro bead feels identical in the hand to an MD3.

Flight: In still conditions thrown flat, the MD4 and MD3 flew very similar. Surprisingly so. The MD3 will get a little bit of flip up with a hyzer or flex when thrown flat and always ends with a moderate, but not strong fade. While the MD4 did not flip or turn, the LSS was nearly identical. RHBH, it would end about 10'-15' feet left of the MD3 on a 280'-300' throw because of the lack of lateral movement, but was not as overstable as I expected. It still throws with a very straight flight and moderate fade. This let my expectations down a tad, I must be honest. However, the positive side of the MD4 is it's ability to resist wind and resist flipping up on a hyzer release.

In about 10-15 mph headwind, the MD4 still held dead straight without wanting to turn over at all. It has decent glide, so it still bounces up and down quite a bit, but it's flight remained stable. One issue I have with MD3s is that when thrown with power on a hyzer, they easily flip flat and even with a high, hyzered release, will not carry left (RHBH) as far as I would like. The MD4 handled this shot much better. Releasing with about a 45 degree hyzer and throwing about 30' in the air, the MD4 would ride the hyzer line, not flipping flat, and get good lateral movement to the left to get around a corner. Again, with the good glide for a decently overstable disc, it carries that intermediate drive or approach that needs to get around an obstacle much better than any of my MD3s including glow runs.

While I would still love to see a Discmania mid that is really beefy (gaaatooooor) the MD4 is a nice addition. It flies similar to an MD3, but stands up to power throws and wind better. It feels more like an MD3X than a truly overstable mid, but I'm happy with it. I think I will still be trying out my Mortar and Gila for more lateral movement, but the MD4 is a welcome newcomer that can cover a few shots that the MD3 struggled with. We'll see in the future if a glow or metalflake run puts this more into the Mortar/Gator realm of overstability for the utility hyzer shots many players crave.


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I threw a friends two MD4s and they fly suprisingly similar to a Verdict and feel very similar too. The MD4 flys just like a MD3 for the first 60%-70% of its flight but fades harder much more of a 0,3 than the MD3 which has been changed to a more accurate 0,2. Thrown on a 25° Hyzer the MD4 wouldn't flip up but the MD3 would flip up some but not completely flat. I heard production runs come out in September or October.
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The MD4 is more along the lines of what the MD3 was intended to be. Discmania recently changed the numbers of the MD3 on the newest run to 5 4 0 2. This more accurately reflects the true flight numbers. I believe they should do away with the MD1 since nobody seems to throw them. Then change the MD2 flight numbers to 4 4 0 1.

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I tossed mine a bit for the first time today, I liked it the little that I threw it. I'd agree with others have said, the md4 is what the md3 should've been. The disc is sneaky long, it just seemed to want to stay in the air and would eventually fade. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but I always preferred the roc to an md3 because the md3 just had this weird floatiness to it.

What it boils down to is I think I like faster discs without a lot of glide. I did think the md4 is a bit more workable than the roc3x. I think a well seasoned s line md4 would be a pretty sweet mid...
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Still trying to get the flight path to show more. Might have to get another camera man, or always throw against a dark background if possible.

Anyways, I really like this disc for a multitude of shots. Very controllable. If you had told me earlier this year that I would be using the MD4 for anhyzers I would have laughed at you, but there it is.

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Okay, so MD4 is not the meat hook that some people were expecting it to be. I have to say I dig the flight and the feel of the disc but I'm curious about the design process. I talked with Simon and Erno about this disc last summer and they said that they have to do some more work on it since early prototypes weren't overstable enough. Simon said it flipped on him and that's not what they wanted. Based on that I was expecting something way more overstable.
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I heard some prototypes were the most OS disc people had ever thrown, but the problem was that they did not mold up right which would have led to a lot of refused product
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After bagging my MD4 for a couple weeks, I'm not sure if it's going to stay in the bag. It's honestly not that much more stable than my Luster and Glow MD3's. For now I'm still working with it, but I kind of feel like it's a bit of overlap with my more stable MD3's.

For my overstable "midrange" shots I also bag a Zone, but have a pair of Mortars on the way. If I like the Mortars as much as I think I will, either the Zone or MD4 will be coming out of my bag. Depends on how stable they are. My Zone is my absolute go-to forehand approach disc.
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Super disappointed with my MD4, I feel as if my Eagle Glow MD3 is still more stable than the MD4... Maybe I just need to throw it a little more, but first couple rounds I'm not a fan.
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