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Default I feel like I'm missing something in my bag

Some of you may remember me, but it's definitely been a while since I've posted or been active. I'm hoping to get back into disc golf more seriously now that life seems to have somewhat settled into a better routine. I am looking for a couple additions to the bag but honestly I don't even know the new brands, let alone what and how the discs compare. I'm not looking for flavor of the month, more like the standout discs from any company to research and try out. Here's a little background, and what my bag currently looks like:

I throw RHBH and RHFH. I can consistently reach 425 with RHBH but have been working on footwork more with results. Have not measured yet this year. RHFH used to be a solid 400' but it's dropped off hard, and is a goal of mine this year to focus on bringing back the sidearm. I've had nothing faster than a destroyer/force in my bag.

-Wizards, two for putting and approach, one premium for upshots and drives. These will stay.
-Ron Russell Comet, and two backups in the garage. Finesse and control.
-Tangent, Axis, Tensor. Just bought the Tensor and swapped the other two back into the bag. Previously Two X Buzzz, a DZ Roc, and KCPro Roc for a variety of stabilities. I really like the flight of the roc but I cannot stand the rim. It's the only thing I dislike about the comet but I have not found a true replacement of the Comet with a shallower rim. I struggle to find a midrange that can hold it's line in the wind and not drop like a zone or drone. Hoping the Tensor will fill that slot with better glide and speed than the zone.
-Zone. A Jawbreaker and an ESP. Used for zone things. These will stay.
-MVP Volt. One in the bag, one backup. This is my go-to fairway driver. Between this and my PD, they take care of most shots under 400'.
-Amp. Threw this in recently for some fairway turnover.
-PD. S and C. Beat in S and (getting beat in) C. The S is starting to turn over and when thrown flat gives me a nice slow turn and predictable fade.
-Old Plastic EliteZ Flick. Used for flick things. Hard fades, forehand cut rollers, general utility.
-Star Wraith. Beat up and ready for either a replacement or a new one to start taking some abuse. My most consistent S curve distance disc. Throw it on a hyzer for a long sweeping S.
-Force. One really beat up ESP, another nearly new Z Force. Distance and overstability.

I lost the only destroyer I had in my bag recently and is part of the reason for this post. Rather than just going back out and buying another destroyer, I'm looking for viable options. I'm playing around with mid ranges and distance drivers. I loaded my bag up with some MVP because I like the feel of most of their discs and they were sitting in the garage.

Wizard, Zone, Comet, Volt, PD, Flick are all staying. Thoughts welcome.
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Maybe try an axiom envy? It's taking the spot of os/stable mid in my bag and has a nice feeling rim. Electrons beat in nicely and proton will hold its stability quite a while. They get crazy distance for a putter and those 2 almost took over my mid shots and actually kicked my zones out altogether, although I toy with putting them back in since I love them so much.

As far as the comet replacement I would recommend a kastaplast Gφte, it's the closest thing I've experienced to replacing the beat x comet I gave away. Has the dome minus the bead but more forgiving of form and better in the wind. The k1 plastic feels great too.
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Kinda depends on how your Destroyer flew, but if you're looking for something similar, Discmania just released the DD3 which is supposed to fly like a broken in Destroyer. There's also the McBeth developed Kong from Discraft, but from what people are saying it seems to be slightly shorter than Destroyers. And probably the closest to a Destroyer without actually being labeled "Destroyer" is the Millennium Scorpius.

If it's consistency that's keeping you from going back to the Destroyer, you might check out this really informative video in this thread that explains what to look for when choosing the type of Destroyer you want to throw.
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Try a scorpius. They fly like a pro destroyer with half a round on it.
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I am a big fan of my slightly gummy champ shryke (so not flippy), caiman and luster aviarX3. Maybe try those out?
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Recent runs of Star Wraiths have been very good.
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Never thrown them (too fast for me) but I've heard axiom mayhem and panic can fly destroyer lines, the mayhem being the slightly less stable one. Heard lots of very positive reviews on the mayhem especially.

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As a Destroyer substitute, you might consider the Trespass and the Shryke. You might also try a Destroyer in Pro plastic.

For mids, you've got the Zone and Comet. Maybe a Buzzz or Roc3, something straight-to-stable, that fits between the Zone and Comet would get 'er done for ya. If you're looking for a longer Zone, there's a lot of molds out there. I like the Hornet, but it's officially OOP.
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Orion LF little bit slower than a destroyer similar flight.
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Yeah I was stopping in to say nice setup.. Looks like a good bag to me. I'd second the Mayhem but research it yourself.. I can barely get it moving but I'm 350'. I do like how it works downhill and in headwinds for me and out of that speed that I can't throw it's the easiest to "cheat". The Catalyst is too turny and not in a controlled way.

Second the Envy too...the soft electron beats in to dead straight and really long for a putter quickly. I don't know how you're going to feel about that tensor. The Axis is my bet for filling that slot once it beats in... my beat one is between a Buzz and Comet.. Or a " wind" Comet..if the Zones staying the Vector may have been a good bet for straight in the wind mid.

You've pretty much got the best of MVP already..

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