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Default Let's Talk About Wizards

For those who throw them, which are your favorite putting and driving Wizards?

Right now my go to putting Wizard is a 168g Garcia stamped Supersoft. It's soft and flexible, but not floppy, and seems to fade a bit later than my 175's. I'm real happy with it.

For driving I have some nice and flat 175g Organic Wizards I've been throwing. They start out really stable, more stable than the Evo Wizard I also drive with. I'm working on breaking some in. Lost a Soft Wizard I had broken in nice so I'm trying to beat in an Organic to that straight flying point.

One thing I've noticed, having bought many Wizards, is some have a taller, broader shoulder than others. They sit slightly higher than the flatter ones if you put them on a table side by side. I've found I like the flat ones better for driving and the domier ones for putting.

Also, if anyone has proflight stamped Wizard for trade, PM me
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Love Driving the new Organics.. and favorite for putting are good Organics that have been beaten in. I also love putting with Softs and Super Softs as well. Quite frankly any Wizard for me is a good wizard
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My putting Wizard is a SSS that's not at all floppy, but is grippy. For driving purposes, I switch between two organics (one a bit softer than the other), a nice firm Medium Flex, and a stiff E HPP. They're all somewhere around 173-174. The SSS is getting nicely broken in. I've been using it since January, so it's got a little over 250 rounds played on it, and hopefully it will see a few thousand more.
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I fell in love with the wizard 2 years ago when a Masters guy showed em to me at the worlds in Kalamazoo. I immediately went out and purchased a supersoft, and a grateful dead stamped ss shortly thereafter. My first one was a dog chew casualty (***K Poodles). I have been using the dead stamped one for 2 years now as my main putter (one ace with it!). Its pretty beat in, and the bead is worn down almost half compared to new ones (or did the mold change?). I recently purchased five brand spankin' new Super Stupid Soft wizards at 175g for putting practice. They aren't as soft as the name implies, but I believe some wear and warm weather and they will feel pretty similar to my dead stamped one, which is the softest wizard I've ever held. As for driving, I am just beginning to toy with them off the pad, before I used a KC pro aviar. I went out and played today though with all 5 of the SSS's and shot off the pad with them on a few holes and was very content with the way they flew. Straight out the box i could get em to hold any line, be it hyzer or anhyzer. Compared to the kc aviar, i feel they have just a tad more glide. When the aviar drops like a rock, the wizard will hold the line for just a smidge longer.

I haven't noticed some wizards being taller than others, but what I have noticed is that during the break in process (for the SS or SSS) they will develop lumps along the spot that most recently hit a tree. That makes them feel taller in your hand, but is easily remedied by a good push down on that spot.

Haven't gotten to try the organics or the other plastic types, and I would like to get some to replace my KC aviar. How do the organics hold up against bangin trees? (I play mostly wooded courses, and it will definitely take a beating) I like that the organics are stiff, but still grippy and none of the slip associated with kc pro plastic.

Wizards for life!
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I have a gummy E wizard that I love to drive with and used to putt with...then I have an eraser SSS wizard that I used to use for long putts and putts that I needed to have stick.
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I'm about to join the Wizard Club, as soon as the Mail arrives today! ...or tomorrow depending on our mail. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a Wizard. I also ordered a Voodoo as well.
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172 SS for putting. Was using a 174 Organic, but for some reason those 2 grams or the softness seem to really make a difference. I haven't used them for driving a ton, but when I do it has been a 175 Glo Wizard. Their Glo plastic is great. I am leaving my Ions at home on my SoCal trip this week, so the Wizard is going to get more duties. If I can get more comfortable with it on drives and approaches, the Ion will get benched.
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I've got a handful of SSS wizards I rotate for putting. For driving I like to have two wizards in the bag, one nice and beat in and one newer, right now they're a beat up S and a new M.
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The other day whilst trying to dislodge my red star stingray from a tree I managed to knock a red Wizard out as well (no ink).... Up till now I've been throwing a 173 VIbram VP. I put the wizard in my bag and forgot about it untill my kids wanted to practice putting in the back yard. Having doled out all of my putters to the boys,I was left with the wizard. No clue on the weight, totally beaten in. I hammered all of my puts from every where in the back yard. So quickly did i begin to feel confident that I began to recall the clash of the titans. The gods have bestowed upon me an awesome weapon. Who am I to fly in the face of the gods right? Since then I have ordered a super stupid soft 170... we'll see
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Gateway's plastic is so inconsistent, I have to describe the ones that I like.
I have two tourney stamped wizards, one marked Soft, one super stupid soft, (that are the same plastic.) They're very firm, but has a non-slip kind of rubbery feel to the plastic. Money off the tee.

If I had to order one offline, without being able to touch and feel it at a shop, I'd get a glow. The glow plastic is pretty consistently firm and durable. Really nice for driving.

For putting, I have a black supersoft that's more like rubber than plastic. It feels like the inside of a tire. Super gummy and sexy, but still nice and firm.
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