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I love the Mercy and that is my go to putter for the circle and just out if I am running the basket.

With that said, I bought 2 GL's on release day and HAVE NOT thrown either one. They feel deeper, different on the rim where the rim meets the flight plate from the underside ( almost a little squarer?) than ALL the other plastic versions of that disc I have.

My Mercy stock includes Zero-Hard, Medium, Soft and my favorite Retro plastic. I plan on selling one and just hanging on to the other as a keeper.

Any of you that like the Mercy try one in the Retro, that stuff is nice for your putting ( not driving ) putter. Retro is grippy, has a firmness that falls between Zero Hard-Zero Medium, and beats in very nicely! IMO this plastic molds up with the best "feel" for me.
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So far GL Mercy is a keeper. Compared to the Fuzion Judge it has a tick less glide I think, is a bit more stable and a bit more fade. Exactly what I was hoping for, bit more control and a hair shorter.

I threw it a few times, one long upshot and a couple downhill teeshots from 365 and 335, parked both. Typically the Judge would carry a little far on these holes so I would try and dial it back but the Mercy due to the less glide and more fade carried shorter. Now I just need to break it in some, plastic is just a little bit slick new. Not bad but love it worn in.
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So who has thrown the newly released opto mercy? Very few reviews out so far, guess most of the public feels like they shouldn't have to pay $50 to get their favorite putter in opto. Poor form Latitude 64
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Lost my Mercy in a lake. Life continues....
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Originally Posted by sparkyx View Post
So who has thrown the newly released opto mercy? Very few reviews out so far, guess most of the public feels like they shouldn't have to pay $50 to get their favorite putter in opto. Poor form Latitude 64
I noticed those in the 3-disc set format and I am curious as well. I wish they'd release these as single discs. The same goes for the Retro Compass and St Pro.
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Huh, a little late for me. Would have ate up Opto Mercys a while ago. I still have a couple LE GLs around, but has been a while since I tossed one in the bag.
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got a gl mercy in a players pack at the NAAC and love the flight complements my roaches really well.
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