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Originally Posted by Waddball View Post
It feels very possible to me to plant way too early relative to my backswing and/or torso movement, so I think I must not have communicated very well.

But yes, I'll study up on tipping over and put that on my growing list of things to resolve.
It has more to do with how you think philosophically different about the throw or swing. Free your mind!

In One Leg Drill it is impossible to plant too early or too late because it never leaves the ground. The entire swing sequence happens on the planted front leg. So if that is possible, then how can you plant too early? IMO the only way it would be possible to perceive to plant too early is if you are not in balance/posture. So it's not really a timing issue, it's a balance/posture issue.

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Woah. I think this belongs as a sticky.

As a newbie I've been focusing on throwing along the line and trying to get my elbow forward. I've been thinking the disc goes in the power pocket when my shoulders are lined up to the target.

Illustration #3 shows the disc in the power pocket much earlier than I've "gathered" from other tutorials.

Man did this create more of a whip like feeling. Using slowplastic's visual to hammer down a wall really made it easy to change my timing.

Played my best round today. This is the greatest immediate improvement I've had from any form tips, and without any field work.

Now I need to relearn how my discs fly.

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Originally Posted by Faded View Post
Woah. I think this belongs as a sticky.
I agree, I think that graphic and the ensuing discussion are really valuable. There's some counterintuitive aspects here that I think are easy to miss for most newbies (like me).

And just to follow on, I made some changes as sidewinder22 discussed above, and I saw some good results recently. In fieldwork, I got a driver out to just below 400'. And in a round yesterday, I had two overthrows that went into a lake (lucky to fish both out) on a hole I normally underthrow (~360'). And one other hole I overthrew (380'), and that was even with two (friendly) skips. Nice to see some tangible results, though I'm definitely still focused on process as I still have a lot to work on.

I would say, for other newbies, that my biggest "bang for the buck" to get this shoulder stuff working better was the Elephant Walk drill. It's basically impossible, as sidewinder22 noted earlier, to force the correct hand/arm/shoulder motion; it has to unfold naturally. I was forcing it, and of course it had a negative effect. So I tried to just relax and put my footwork on autopilot, and let it unfold. Best way I can think to describe it is probably in musical or rhythmic terms: staccato (jerky, bad) vs legato (better), and allegro (too fast) vs andante (better).

Anyway, lots of work yet to do, and anecdotes aren't data, etc., but it was a good couple of days and I'm excited to build on it.

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