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Default 4 PFN Banshees, 5 Eagle L's both in lots

I have 4 PFN pat# Banshees I will let go as a lot.

Top left
No ink no weight but my kitchen scale reads it at 148g. Really flat, my favorite thumber disc. Is bubbling a little on left side of rim but not laminating yet. Pretty beat up but still a very stable flier.

Top Right
No ink. Weight marked 168g, kitchen reads 169g. Not as flat as the first but more stable. Has some scuffs but still has near new stability.I would rate an 8/10 but the pictures are good enough to see yourself.

Bottom left
No ink. Marked 171g scaled at 173g. Field thrown some but in very good shape. Really old DX that is nice and firm, if you like DX this is the good stuff from back in the day. Little more dome than the top right Banshee, and has some drum to it.

Bottom right
No ink. Marked 175g scaled 174g. Field thrown some and in as good of shape as the other DX but with a small scratch on the flight plate at 3oclock (visible in pic). Same nice DX as the other.

Letting the whole set go for $34 shipped CONUS, PPFF. No trades, and not interested in splitting anything up, need to empty the garage out sooner rather than later.

Eagle L's and Exodus shown in order of stability.

Top left
G* marked 169g scaled 170g. Was my least favorite Eagle as it is the most domey Eagle I have ever bought. It mocks my thoughts as it is the longest Eagle I have ever thrown, and I have thrown a lot of Eagles. Probably an 8/10 not too worn, still has some stability.

Top middle
Pro blend Exodus. Marked 165g but scales 168g. Has even more dome than the first eagle, but I have only throw it a handful of times on a ski resort course so I don't have an opinion on its flight. Should end up being a bomber if it is anything like the domey G*. 9/10

Top right
G* marked 175g scales 176g. This one has the right amount of dome for a workhorse Eagle, not flat and not too domey. More stable and a shorter flight (but only by a little bit) than the other G*, but it is more wore than the other as I used it more. Did catch a rough landing on one edge, maybe rate a 7 or 7.5/10.

Bottom left
The holy grail of Eagle L's, it is a first run Exodus in light blue 150 class. These are the flattest Eagles I have seen in many years, but you get one choice of color and weight. This one is marked 157g and scales 160g. My favorite L because it is stable and long, stability is comparable or at least close to a fresh *Eagle X. Used for quite a few rounds (mostly grass) so it is still in good shape 8 to 8.5/10.

Bottom right
Star Eagle L that is a few years older than the release of the Exodus. Marked *E 175g but scales 173g. Nose profile is nearly identical to the factory store Circle stamp X's. It is super beefy, moreso than the average Eagle X. It is almost comparable to the Circle Stamps. Has a faded shaving cream dye. Too stable for me so mostly saw field work on a football field. 8/10.

Will let the 5 go for $44 shipped CONUS, PPFF. No trades and no splitting them out.
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