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Originally Posted by davetherocketguy View Post
What would the purpose of an SS be? I can take my crystal challenger and put it up on an anny and it holds all the way to the ground. Thrown flat and level and it is laser straight. I really don't think it shows any OS tendencies unless thrown high and given a chance to stall out.
I'd love to putt (not throw, but putt) with a Challenger SS and see how it compares to the Classic Warden. As an aside, I'm looking forward to trying out the Deputy for the same reasons...
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Originally Posted by F. Howl View Post
If it's just a tick less stability, I was thinking I could use it for touch upshots, or on longer holes, hyzerflips to straight.

I agree, the Challenger is fairly neutral. The bead I like for putting, but doesn't feel great with a power grip. The Roach feels perfect for driving, but if I can get something for upshots with a nearly identical feel as my putting putter, it'll add some cohesion to my bag.
Interesting. I have 3 Challengers in my bag. A Crystal, Jawbreaker and a Supersoft D (whatever that plastic is called). I use the Crystal for super straight shot upshots or when I need a gently sweeping hyzer or anny. The other 2 are for putting but will throw almost identical as the crystal in similar situations. For reference I usually toss the crystal about 180-200 which seems to be my comfort zone with that disc. Anything beyond that I am reaching for a Buzz or other mid.

I agree though, getting a power grip on a Challenger doesn't always work that well so I modify the grip slightly and put the pads of my fingertips right on the edge of the rim. Sounds wonky I know but it works for me.

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Default Challenger SS vs Roach

Chally SS on left, Roach on right.
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Originally Posted by Snewt09 View Post
Chally SS on left, Roach on right.
So...how's it flying?
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I thought the shally was nice and straight to begin with. Really confused by this "ss" release.

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Feels/looks an awful lot like an Aviar P&A to me. I have (2) in the 170 weight range. Comfortable in the hand, and good putters. Fly a little straighter than my PA1s, notably on jump putts, and also have a touch more glide. I have only thrown them a couple of times with any power, and they didn't seem to have THAT much turn, but more research is required in terms of driving with them. I wish the Jawbreaker on these was a little firmer, but I may have to wait on another run for that to happen. Wonder if we will get a stock release in other plastics?

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Got my DiscMember subscription package for September about an hour ago. This month's disc is a Pro D Challenger SS Early Release.
The letter with the package says:
Like a seasoned Challenger out of the box! Challenger SS offers a beadless rim for a comfortable grip, with added speed and Challenger precision. Far from being flippy, players can expect a smooth, longer flight to the basket with a traditional Challenger fade.
The only Discraft that I regular throw are Z Comets and old Elite Xtremes. I do have a few other drivers, and half a dozen or so Buzzzes in various plastics. This plastic feels as much like the ESP Buzzz as it does the ones in Pro D.

I don't know what to compare it to that I have, as far as putters go, other than the Ion, Anode, and one I found that I think is a Wizard, but they all have beads.

In the pictures, Anode is left and Challenger SS right in 2nd pic, and the Challenger SS is left and the Ion right in the 3rd pic.
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Must. Have. One. In. CryZtal. Plastic.
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i got the disc member pack as well the plastic feel amazing but i am at work so haven't thrown yet. Mine is board flat o top will throw it next to my roaches later.
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Got mine today. It's shaped like a Roach but a little shallower. The flight is pretty similar to the Roach (Soft X) that I have. Putting from 40+, the Roach has a little more glide and fade then the Challenger SS. Both are the same weight.

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