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for hyzer flips, hyzer flip turnovers, standstill throws, and rollers. You can get by without them provided you throw well both backhand and forehand, but some lines are still better with a turnover or anhyzer (though I'd typically throw a stable disc for anhyzer shots). I find it much much easier to hit gaps that have trouble close and to the right with a hyer flip.

Also - distance. The only way I can get 400 ft is with a hyzer flip Katana.
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"Why do you have understable discs in your bag?"

Because I use too many to carry them all in my hand.
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Because I learned how to throw frisbees with an Ultrastar, and that's an understable disc.

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Originally Posted by Beable View Post
Because I learned how to throw frisbees with an Ultrastar, and that's an understable disc.
I wouldn't necessarily call an Ultrastar understable... it is very HSS unless ripped on at like 275 or so. As an ultimate player I can give one enough height to glide out and a moderate hyzer and have it coast all the way down the field.
I carry US discs because sometimes I don't want to rip a stable disc ridiculously hard, or if something needs a slow panning right turn
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Youdont have to work as hard throwing neutral and US discs.
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Throwing shots that don't flip all the way flat so that they coast on a slight hyzer forever and get you a ton of distance that isn't possible with an overstable disc.

Someone else said a turnover forehand. I just played a course that had at least 3 holes on it that curved WAY left and pretty sharp. They were short holes, but there is no way I could get a RHBH all the way to the pin since I was in the woods and didn't have unlimited airspace. So I threw a forehand that turned over and coasted and coasted and coasted. Incredible to watch if you can pull it off. Only parked one of the three, but it was awesome.

90% of the time I'm throwing an understable disc unless I really need the stability of an overstable one. Which is usually only on windy days. Typically, I get my understable discs to do whatever shot I need and don't even bother carrying overstable discs besides a thumber only disc sometimes and my main forehand disc which is a Teerex.
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They're for more than just right turns (RHBH).

I like throwing with a hyzer release. Under stable discs are great for long straight shots when thrown that way. I also like using them for left-turning shots where I want a long gradual curve. My feeling is that you can make an under stable disc do anything whereas over stable discs have a much more limited set of options (which is good for consistency but bad for versatility).

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shots that start on hyper and finish with no fade
throwing up hill
shots that finish to the right with no skip

should I go on?
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Close this foolishness.
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Because I have a noodle arm and understable discs fly further when you have this condition.
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