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I used to carry quite a few understable discs but now I only carry a seasoned Leopard and occasionally a Sidewinder. The Leopard gets used all the time when I play in the woods. I also carry a Comet, but I consider that a neutral disc.

Off the shelf understable discs seem too squirrelly too me, I prefer beat/seasoned neutral/stable discs, they seem far more controllable.
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Avenger SS for distance
Comet for any line, including gentle annys
Wombat if I need a serious right turn but would probably just FH something else in that case

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I don't really have anything understable in the bag. I do have a champion Tern, but I won't call it understable. It flies flat but won't flip over if thrown hard.

Frankly I don't find use for flippy stuff. If I need something to finish right I'll throw it sidearm. Understable discs are too finicky to get consistent shots out of and I'd rather throw drivers hard and flat than try to hyzerflip them for distance.

I had a Nuke SS in the bag for a while, but it was maddening trying to get that disc to fly straight. More often than not it would flip over and eat ground. The distance potential is there, but you never have a clue where a really understable disc is going.
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^i couldn't disagree more. The biggest ah ha moment in my dg playing time was early on learning to throw my skeeter in the woods on any line. It felt almost magical at first being able to get beautiful straight flights. Hyzer flipping the monarch for distance FH was a eye opener as well.

Higher speed US stuff isnt really the point of bagging US discs though unless you want easier max D. Speed 9s and below are where the US molds are the most useful.
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Tight wooded hole with dense trees on both sides of a narrow fairway, you end up 125' away on the right edge just off the fairway. Fairway dog legs right to the basket. It's impossible to forehand (assuming RH player) because of dense trees to the right. The only line you have is RHBH that must hold the line all the way to the basket -- if it fades early you're in dense woods to the left.

That's one example where an understable putter is a must (I bag a Discraft Soft APX for this type of shot). Add some length and I'd use an Opto Fuse -- they both hold the line with essentially no fade.

Take the same scenario only flip it around so the dogleg is left and you're on the left side just off the fairway. No backhand possibility, so FH the understable putter or mid, depending on the length.

Without understable discs that hold the line all the way, you just can't get close to the basket -- add a stroke or more.
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Nearly all of my discs are under stable. The only time I carry more than one over stable disc is when I have to play in the wind.
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All the reasons for bagging US discs that I could think of (and some I agree with but couldn't think of) are given in the above posts. As Biscoe points out, if you play in the woods, you need all the possible flight lines that US discs provide. AIM hid an excellent point in one of his posts ... if you haven't tried a neutral (dead straight) to slightly US disc with a right-to-left crosswind (RHBH), you're missing some magic.

US discs require an intermediate- to advanced-level pilot's license. It takes practice to dial them in and be confident with what they can and will do. Sweeping hyser - yes, if you're follow-through is good. Hyser-to-flat for a mostly straight shot. Steep hyser-to-flat for a left turn then straight shot. Hyser-to-flat-to-turnover ... left, then straight, then right. Flat to anhyser release ... rollers.

My favorite discs are my most US discs:
DX Sonic
beat DX Stingray
beat DX Roc
beat DX Leopard
beat DX Teebird
DX Valkyrie
I'll pick and choose depending on the course and distances.

On the other hand, if it's an open course and the wind is blowing, give me neutral and OS discs and I'm good to go.
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Because I am a noodle arm with no forehand skills
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Originally Posted by Moose33 View Post
Understable discs have their place, I've just never found it in my bag.
I mentioned in the PD2 thread that a guy at the course let me throw his. He also pointed to an open basket 120' away, and said he likes to throw it as an approach disc. Then he threw it on a FH flex line and parked it. Now, personally, I think that's crazy. I'd just throw my Ion right at it for the easy drop in. But it was also really cool to see. And the beauty of this game is that we all have our own style, and strengths. As long as the plastic goes in the basket, it's ALL good.
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I'm betting this friend throws PD2 FH flex lines every shot? Maybe mixes in a thumber or two? Maxes out around 300?
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