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Man I tell you what, learn to hyzerflip those understable discs on forehand lines and watch your friends be BLOWN AWAY! Nothing like busting out a Leo/river/roadrunner/pick your flavor and mashing a 320’ hyzerflip turnover in the woods that they CANT hit backhand. It’s a whole other line, diversity your game! Work the neutral to understable stuff and have fun with it!
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I might suggest something in between the Tern and FD, such as a Sidewinder or Valkyrie, both helped my FH controlled distance. I can get 300 out of either on a nearly dead straight line, with my max FH distance good for about 350-375 with a Star Destroyer, but I really have to crank on it to get it up to speed, but I really don't have clean form, just some nice touch/grip combo.

What do you have for mids and putters? Those make great FH teaching discs especially those that very neutral, such as Buzzzes and Aviars. I spent a bunch of time working on FH approaches with putters and can comfortably say, that anything I can BH I can also FH.

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Originally Posted by thirtydirtybirds View Post
. . . diversity your game!
If I were into social media, my new mantra.

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Teebird! If you don't have one, you need one anyway... it's not Firebird overstable, but it's also not flippy. High speed drivers (yup a Tern is high speed) as well as overstable discs tend to breed bad habits in a throw, especially a forehand. Try the FD, but what plastic is it? If it's baseline I bet I wouldn't like to throw it forehand. I agree with the thought of finding something in between, and a Star or Champ Valkyrie, Z Heat, Avenger SS, or Sidewinder wouldn't be bad.

Also, don't give up on mids and putters. Try to throw them smoothly at relatively short distances (I see guys forehand a putter from one basket to the next tee all the time). The wrist action actually shouldn't be that different, so if you get mids/putters figured out, or an ultimate frisbee, then it can translate over to drivers.
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Originally Posted by Achasteen View Post
I don’t buy a lot of discs. I normally throw backhand with a Discmania FD. I have laser straight control with the FD backhand. I just discovered throwing front hand and am getting more distance (but less control) with the Tern. I’m not really needing control though, just distance.

I don’t know how far I throw exactly. I would estimate 200+ ft backhand with the FD and 250+ with the Tern front hand. My form is inconsistent on the front hand though. I sometimes anhyzer, throwing it more like a baseball and it going into a roller. It will pop up and start s-curving, but it does not always have a strong fade. Sometimes I have big beautiful s-curve throws with the Tern though. It’s a great disc, but not quite perfect.

I like the way distance drivers feel throwing front hand. It feels weird throwing putters/midrange/fairway drivers sidearm. This disc will be for pure distance off the tee in the wide open. Placement is not important. I usually go for a hole-in-2 with my FD afterwards.
Typically, backhand is better for distance and forehand is better for control. It's easier (well, more possible, easier depends on your coordination) to get your whole body into a backhand and thus more distance. Forehands allow you to face the target during the whole throw and are less affected by poor footing so they tend to be better for precision. So know right away that you're being unorthodox (not saying that's a bad thing).

When I started out I also liked how wide rimmed drivers felt for forehand. But I also had a really flimsy grip that was mostly pinching the wing of the disc more than the rim/flight plate so yeah. I'd study some FH dominant players and mimic whoever's grip that feels best to you. Everyone's advice is spot-on. Learn to FH the FD as well as putters and mids as they'll require clean form to fly. You can keep forehanding the Tern as well, you'll just need to learn how to hyzer flip it smooth for the distance you want. If you're going to continue FHing for distance then you're better off learning how to hyzer flip an understable distance driver instead of getting an overstable distance driver which will ingrain bad habits like strong arming it on a dirty flex line.
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Lots of advice here but slowplastic's endorsement of the Verdict is on point. It is my go-to forehand disc and has been for a long time, also my go-to overhand disc. I can't throw it 275 like he can but can get it out to 250. Mostly I use it for approaches though; it's amazingly accurate from 150 or so. Lately, I've been throwing the lightweight Tesla I got with PDGA membership. It's 146g. I threw one today about 270 (slightly downhill though) and a couple others close to that. I've also been working with OS putters for approaches, like the Caltrop and Jokeri. My results vary right now because my form is not the best but it's improving daily because I've been working on it a lot. No matter which disc you choose, practice is the key.
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I don't throw the sidearm much, and rarely ever off the tee. When I go to the flick it's the harp or the felon in my hand these days. I'm not a big distance sidearm thrower 200'-250' meathook shots and approaches only inside 150'.
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All good advice... as an overmold fan with a developing forehand... my goto is a 150g Photon in fission plastic, plenty stable but easy to start getting the right flight even underpowered. Throw your putter and Roadrunner forehand it helps.

Consider a light Firebird too, as an overstable utility disc it does forehand, thumbers and can be used backhand. It was one disc I should have tried sooner but I was too busy with new technology to check out a proven classic mold.
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Watch that video. Nate Sexton and Sarah Hokom have awesome forehand technique. I think they focus more on backhand in that video but if you want to learn what a proper forehand should look like either of them would be an excellent example.

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11 time FAF Firebird. Goes dead straight now with a small fade at the end of flight. Took years of tree strikes to straighten the darn thing out. Stamps long gone, rim is now smooth and rounded, kinda sexy now that I describe it.... Breaking in a new FAF current production Firebird, going to take a while.......Meat hook currently, the other started out that way as well. I have other disc I can throw further, just not as accurately. Wind is not an issue, pretty much the go to get out of trouble disc.
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