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Originally Posted by gammaxgoblin View Post
thank for the replies!

I guess what I am trying to do here is really buy into a mindset in which it makes no difference which run of this or that disc I have or lose, etc.. Also wanting to really truly know if there are any discs which have some undeniable quality worth having. Like is CE plastic really going to enhance my ability, not likely. Are AJ destroyers fliying in such a magnificent way they are worth $60, probably not...but idk. Is it just a comfort thing, psychologically, that a person may think having XYZ disc gives them a better ability, and maybe by thinking that, it manifests because of the belief and not the actual disc lol IDK.

So i guess that means I have to ask and not assume if NT and DGPT players carry and throw 150-155g discs? Im not sure why I assumed they didnt. If they dont, why not? (again, wind not a factor)
Think of discs in slots/characteristics, not the stamp or run. I've thrown a proto Star Destroyer, it was incredible. But if flew 12/5/-2/2, it was basically a Tern that was more comfortable. So you know what....I'll throw a Tern for dirt cheap instead if I need that, it's not as cool as flipping a Destroyer or throwing old runs, but it's not scary to throw. I have a couple AJ's, if I lose them I'd likely replace with another mold altogether that flies as close to the same. I mean I'd rather have these because I love the hand feel of Destroyers and they last forever if you don't lose them, but it's not worth the money or time to try to find them for me. Of course if I was at a store and saw a new run one where I thought the PLH was similar as I can look at Destroyers and get an ok idea of how they may fly, I would get it. But I wouldn't stress myself over finding one instead of a Wraith/Trespass/Shryke/whatever if I need one to turn and come back some. I find the magic in some discs is consistency in different angles and moderate wind, and some of that depends on the thrower's speed/spin for the disc...in lots of conditions discs of the same class will end up within 10' distance wise for me. It's all arm speed, you throw it harder it goes farther.

Same with runs...instead of getting freaked out over trying a 2nd run FD or something I'll throw a Teebird. Of course if someone I play with bags one you bet I'll beg them to throw it once to see what the hype is. But I'm not going to scour ebay for one. And if Teebirds are coming out more stable than I want, time to try it in Gstar or a Rival or Explorer or whatever. Give yourself options. There are subtleties in the discs but those ones are all real close if you aren't crazy about exact hand feel or stamps or whatever. Throw what's molding up good at the time. Does the disc do what you expect when you hit your line? Then it's good for that slot. If a disc is less wind tolerant than another mold, then stick to that mold that works better for you.

There is Japan Open footage from a few years ago where all pro's had to throw <159g discs. Look that up if you want to see how they fly....pretty similar. I think I remember Paul saying they flew pretty similar and it took little adjustment.
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As far as value - Yea, AJ destroyers are not worth $60. That said, there are particular AJ Destroyers that would fit my arm speed and have the stability I'm looking for, which may in fact be worth $60 to me - although I have never paid over $25 for a disc.... Fill in the blank for any player and their preferred driver/run.

While there is no magic discs across all players (although the bowfly guy above makes a pretty good argument) years of throwing a particular mold/run means something. The value is in the hand of the bethrower.

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Originally Posted by Grippenripp View Post
No disc itself is universally advantageous to have. If a disc is complimentary to your game then by all means you should carry it. Its more the archer, not the arrow however finding the "right" arrow doesn't hurt.
^^^This. ^^^

No doubt, throwing a lot of different discs will help you find what works best for you. (Borrowing from buddies is they way to go here.) But searching for "the disc" will cause you to second guess your selection with most every bad throw.

As to your mention of different runs and plastics, yeah they are different to a point. It's more a matter of what one gets used to. (prefers, can handle, likes) I stock several runs and plastics of my go to discs. And yeah I can sometimes tell the difference. But the difference usually isn't enough to matter. I'll get used to it.
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