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Default How did you find the one(Putter)?

I thought I had found the one but I am having second thoughts so…
I realize everyone has their putter preference but how did you decide on the one?
Was it love at first site or feel?
Did you just pick one and figure it out?
Did your putting form dictate your type of putter?
Or is it just a long journey every disc golfer ends up making?

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Good question. Still trying everyone I can find. Love them all
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Felt a friends Omega a couple years ago and really liked the feel. Bought my own and continued to enjoy it. Bought a bunch more and now I'm committed. But all those other fancy putters do temp me.
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Bought a bunch of mold. Throw over and over in back yard. I just felt more comfortable with a few. Some did not work at all. I have trouble with a bit of a hyzer release, so I tend to favor the understable.
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I'm not proud of my scientific method here but I fished my eventual chosen mold (XD) out of a pond and loved the way that it drove understable from start to finish and since I had a small bag, it became my putter because I had to remove another disc to fit it so I removed my JK Aviar.

However, I also carry a champ Ontario Rhyno and the JK Aviar goes in and out of the bag (a larger one lol) if I have a course with lots of putter driving and I can putt about the same with all of them. I think it's 90% practice and 10% mold for me.
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for me its finding a stability that you can cycle and use for everything.. putting, upshots, drives, etc. .. then go for feel after that .. do you like beaded or no bead? that will cut down the choices a lot
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started with Magnets, I wanted more stability and not a HUGE change in feel and flight.....Challenger! The end
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You will love any new putter that fits your hand comfortably until you start putting poorly. Then you will make excuses to try another. Ce la vie.

I am trying bb kc aviars for a while. They are glidey, overstable, tough, deep, pretty consistent in terms of plastic, will hopefully beat in nicely.

Also looking at trying the xt bb aviars for those cold , wet days. If they fly the same they will replace the kc .

Mine is a combo of bag theory and personal preference. I will not build a bag because of one disc. It creates too many problems.
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Mine was an evolution of knowing what I wanted. First I threw Aviars, but wanted something with more stability. Switched to Wizards, but didn't want to search high and low for a stack of putters that felt the same. Switched to Ions and bought a bunch straight from MVP for cheap, and really liked them, but was getting a little tired of the premium plastic "sticking" to my fingers when I threw.

Knew I wanted to go back to base plastic putters, so I e-mailed Innova, Gateway, and DD about their misprints to see what the best deal on misprints they could offer is. Gateway was $8 a piece, Innova $6.40 a piece, DD $5.99 a piece. I liked the feeling of Judges more than KCPro Aviars, so I switched to judges and got a pile of them. Been working out pretty well for me I think, they fly great, putt clean, have good glide, and the Lucids are great for the overstable slot.
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