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Default What was your "Aha!" moment as a beginner

Did you discover something in the early days of your playing career that helped you push past the "beginner" barrier and become a better player? And if so, what was it?
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When I kept throwing way to high and hyzer and I learned I needed to bring my arm acrost my chest
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When a Mike C video showed me how to hold a disc. I used to have too much of my palm/hand over on the top of the disc when I used a power grip.

Learning the pull thru across the chest and what "snap" was and incorporating that into my drives.
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I started playing RHFH because that's what my bro in law did. When I made the commitment to learn RHBH, it changed my game in a big way. RHFH I was throwing my Eagle 200ft. Now with RHBH I throw it 280-300. My form definitely isn't great, but I'm still practicing the pull through the chest and getting the snap. It all comes with practice! Ah-Ha!! Backhand is where it's at for me!
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my Ah-ha moment was realizing extremely early on, that I was never going to be very good at this game.
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funny enough, a thread with this VERY title started this thread... don't ask me the details. I recycled that bottle a long while ago.
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About 4 years ago I learned the power of hyzer lines. It took me a long time to embrace this. I've been playing for about 10 years and started out with molds like max weight KC Rocs, Rhyno and a Champion Monster. I used to always play off the anhyzer lines with OS molds. I'm very stubborn and it just took me several years before I realized how powerful and predictable hyzer lines are.

The next aha moment happened around the same time when I realized how effective my BH can be if I rotate off my heel instead of leaning forward on the front part of my foot. So important to stay on top of that heel.

Side note: I don't like the auto-correct changing hyzer to hyper all the time. This is a disc golf forum. Any word that starts with H should be auto-corrected to hyzer.

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My first "aha" was a couple of throws in when I realized that rounding will cause blood to flow forcefully and painfully to your fingertips. Everything after that has been more or less a gradual progression. I do remember my first successful hyzer-flip though.
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From 1995 till 2008, I played mostly recreationally with only dx discs. Mostly gazelles, cheetahs, vipers, & panther were my favorites. With those discs I could shoot right around par on fairly easy courses and throw my gazelles 275 to 300 ft. People would see me throw those old school discs and do fairly well and they would say "you need to get some new plastic" and I would think "I just beat you with these discs, I don't need anything else". Then my aha moment was when I found a Champion Valkyrie and immediately started throwing it 75 ft longer. That found disc started me buying lots of new plastics, bags, shoes, playing & traveling to tournaments, playing leagues, putting in a course, and making several new friends along the way all because of one found disc and an aha moment.
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I don't know what this "aha moment" you speak of is, but it sounds wonderful.
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