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Exclamation Back hand "AHA" moments

I primarily drive forehand because my backhand wasn't strong enough to reach 400' tees. So I decided to really work on my backhand and here are a few "aha" or tips that helped me throw 400+ consistently backhand. I did what most people do...internet search keywords...discgolf driving, discgolf distance and such. And like most of you I ended up watching the Mark Ellis and Marty Peters video. These were good but they really didn't help out as much as I thought. These are things that I never really heard anyone say specifically. Of course unless they are buried in these forums somewhere.

1st aha! moment. I use a 4 finger power grip and realized that when I put "real" pressure on the rim with my pinky the disc sticks to my palm and as a result, the disc really rips out. Hearing Marty say "that you want it tight but not gripped tight...so it's not going anywhere." Didn't help me not one bit. I was actually confused more than informed.

2nd aha! moment. My last step pivot foot is not in a straight line from my back foot to the tee. Watch the pros on the discraft distance video and marty peters on youtube and you see them step sort of the the side when they throw. I realized that it helps keep the "hit" more at my chest than out in front of me.

3rd aha! moment. Instead of extending the disc behind me with a somewhat straight arm I now kind of keep it bent. When I plant to throw the disc I "push" the disc in the opposite direction (away from the tee). This quick movement creates a lot of tension and I was throwing further with less effort.

4th aha! moment. This aha moment came yesterday. The position of thumb isn't what I thought. Not necessarily where on the disc (that is important too) but how my thumb pressed on the disc. I was using the whole pad of my thumb (knuckle down to the fingernail) to press down but now I press fairly hard with only the tip of my thumb right about inside the rim of the disc. So you are pushing down on the "thin" part of the disc and not on the rim. It's as if I am trying to punch a hole in the disc with my thumb so my knuckle is raised off the disc plate. This again helped the disc to pivot during the "hit" and really rip out.

The last aha moment. This came some time ago watching pros throw. The non throwing arm should be tight against the body. This was tough for me to work out but I now just kinda "Punch" my arm down my left leg to get it tight. This helped get a faster turn on my throw.

My form isn't the best and some will probably disagree, but these moments really helped me get out of that "frustrated" 300-330' rut I was in.
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Thanks for this writeup. Now if I can remember half this stuff when I'm standing in the box, I'll be a happy camper.
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i just realized that every bad drive i have (or nearly every one) is because I roll my wrist over at release because I'm getting lazy.

time to go to the field and figure that out..
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Great write up! Thanks for taking the time to share this!
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Excellent write up and all very valid points, but could you explain how you are "pushing" the disc away from the tee, that part kind of confused me. Thanks for the write up very well done.
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the biggest aha moment was realizing that slowing down at the beginning actually creates more acceleration in the hit so the disc will go farther.
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Thanks! I'm in that rutt right now. I'm have the plant step and the bent elbow thing, but was having a hard time keeping my left arm tight to the body with my neck straight. I was leaning which created oat so I tried pinching my tricep with my lat. Gonna try punching. I've also found that spot for the thumb works well but wouldn't of tried that kind of pressure- can't wait to try it! I've also switched to the three finger grip because I figured my pinkey was just creating drag just chillin there-Break times over now pinkey!
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One of my moments (more like a month long period) was when I finally began to understand how important your body position/angle was for the shape of the shot. I used to force a hyzer or anhyzer by trying to force it all with arm and wrist rotation. Now, before each shot, I make sure I consciously think about whether I should be "chest out" for an anhyzer or "bent over the disc" for a hyzer. Even slight changes in your stature can change your flight path a ton. I think this is why I used to have days where everything would hyzer out and I couldn't figure out why.
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Thanks a ton guys. As a beginner I thought that my tips would either be wrong or get ignored.

SpringDgLover - Actually I should go back in and edit that part. I meant to say - I push the disc in the opposite direction I'm throwing. It's a very small quick movement. Think of it this way, right as you plant to throw the disc, push your throwing hand towards the back of the tee. This movement is only about 5 inches or so when I do it but it really adds arm acceleration. It's similar to what CwAlbino is referring to. At first I was doing that as well...just keeping the top part of your body as stationary as possible while you lower legs and hips create the torque of the throw. This little movement adds a little bit more tension or recoil.

craftsman - You can probably still use the 3 finger grip. Your ring finger will have to do the job my pinkey does. My 4 finger grip I noticed that my ring finger is actually on top of my pinkey.

bazillion - I would probably start with the thumb position and then the little push back. I saw the biggest improvement with those two.

The other General "aha" moment I had was understanding "nose down" for long drives. This was the bane of throwing for me. Nose down for me was understanding that the nose of the disc isn't always the edge furthest away from you. Throwing that nice S curve puts the disc nose at roughly 2 o'clock during the discs high speed turn...took forever to figure that one out too.
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My biggest "aha" moment came late last night, and I haven't had a chance to see how much it will help yet, but here goes:

I was watching the "More Distance Now" clinic video from Discraft with Marty Peters. I realized I wasn't turning my body fully away from the basket, essentially loosing all rotational power I could generate. I've pretty much been strong arming it.

Anyways, the video had a few helpful quick fixes for simple form errors. It can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-5uHMoYJ6Q
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