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Default Snakes on the course!

So my 11 year old son and I are playing out at Oregon Park in Marietta Ga. Everything was going fine until he shanks his upshot and it rolls in the creek at hole 15. About 20' past the basket there is a canopy of shrubby vines over the water with about a three to four foot bank on each side. One bank is a sheer drop and the other has somewhere around a 45 degree angle leading to the water. The water is only about six to eight inches deep and maybe four to five feet wide. Anyway, his disc found its way right in to middle of the creek and crawling in there to get it was no fun.

So here’s the deal, I crawl down with a stick and try to fish the disc out with a keen eye for anything that looks remotely like a snake. After convincing myself that the coast was clear I began trying to fish the disc out of the water. I kept getting the disc on the end of the stick balanced perfectly on the rim only to watch it drop back in the creek again and again. I started to grow frustrated as the murky mud and silt from the bottom of this creek kept erupted and blinded any chance of seeing the disc. I took a few deep breaths and waited for the current to clear enough for me to find the disc again. Justin says, "Dad, I'll go to the other side and you can just flick the disc up to me". I say, "OK, good idea". As I start to fish at the disc again with Justin waiting on the other side, his thoughts fixed on losing his disc. Suddenly he slips and almost falls in the water. That scared me a little but then all of the sudden he yells "snake". He runs like the wind in the opposite direction and the snake drops off the bank into the water and swims for the other bank. Yes, right where I am squatted. I jump up like a rocket and get out of there. Thoughts of what could have happened to Justin run through my mind and I am thanking God that he didn’t bite my son.

A few minutes later I called at some teens that were playing at a hole near where we were. I told them to be careful if their disc ended up in the creek and warned them of the snake. They came over and looked around and there was no snake to be found. I have no idea where it ran off to. Well, one of the kids reached down and picks up a little stick which must have had magical powers because he stuck it in the water, caught the rim of the disc, and flicked it over to us all in about 3 seconds. I was a little embarrassed by my lack of disc retrieval skills and the fact that that stupid snake scared me so bad. I had shaky hands for about ten minute after all this was over.

Well to make a long story short, it sucked! Anybody else have any snake stories out on the course?
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Good story.

Last month while my wife was teeing off I hear a rustle in the woods behind me, I look over and see a giant snake.

This is at Town Lake in McKinney Texas.

This snake was a monster for living in the city. He moved on down to a patch of brush and I chased him and was a second to slow to catch him. After looking in the pile of wood for a minute I realized he was gone. While I bent back up the booger was starring me in the face from the tree next to me. He was only one foot from my head when I looked up.

I slowly stepped back. Lucky for me I like snakes and never get scared, my wife on the other hand... well lets just say things worked out.
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I here you! I don't mind snakes on my terms. I just like it when they surprise me.
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Nothing that bad, but.....

played a round last month with a couple guys and one of their sons. I found a foot long garter snake by my disc, so after my approach, i picked it up and threw it at them. Good times....
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I was playing in hot springs on a warm day spring day while my wife walked the course with me. On hole 7 (i think) it has a creek running along the right side of it. I turned the disc over a little too much and put it on the other side of the creek. It was a shallow creek only a couple inches deep and about 12 feet wide. I think to myself, I can run and clear it in 3 steps and my shoes wont get too wet. I get two steps across and see a 2 to 2 1/2 foot cottonmouth swimming from my left to right at the point where I am wanting to plant my third step. I managed to swerve in midair with all the grace I can muster to the left. The snake didnt seem at all bothered by me. I went upstream and grabbed my disc now ever on the alert and jumpy. I located the snake on downstream and went quickly back across. It kinda scarred me and I played in with a couple of locals who were the only other players out there that day.
I have seen a rat and king snake out on my local course. I just chased them out of the way off the course. I dont mind if I see them first and they are not poisonious.
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2 stories: Once I was shooting for a bird on hole 3 in Asheboro, NC when I found my drive had landed less than 2 feet beside a juvenile black snake that happened to be coiled up and quite perturbed at the arrival of my disc I imagine. I was looking at probably a 20 foot putt, I calmly took out my putter and needless to say I missed because I had that snake at my feet in my peripheral vision the whole time.

Secondly, I was playing in Castle Hayne, NC and was walking to hole 14 when I noticed some guys crouched in the woods beside the tee with sticks. I didn't know what in the hell they were doing until I realized that they had been pestering a garter snake. They left to play their drives and my buddy Andy wanted to know what they were doing. I showed him the snake hiding in the brush and he got the willys. Andy was massively scared of snakes. If you know me you can guess what I did next. I tried my darndest to catch the snake so I could throw it at Andy. Unfortunately the guys before us had the snake on high alert. Still, I had Andy dropping F-bombs and scampering away. I like snakes.
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2 stories as well - Both at Oak Meadows in Cypress, TX.

After throwing yet another disc into the drink at ten (one of my all-time favorite discs) I go trudging up ahead of the group deciding if it was worth it to get wet. As I walking to the spot, a big ol' fatty of a water moccasin slithers a few feet in front of me into the water by where my disc went in. Needless to say the cussing went from anger to holy crap a snake in .002 seconds. I must have jumped back five feet.

Then, different time - I casually walking to hole 4 mind in the clouds after a dumb bogey on 3 when my brother-in-law (usually a pretty quiet guy) is following behind me and goes "Dude! Look what you just walked by." About 5 feet behind me and about 6 inches where I had just stepped was a juvenile copperhead or diamondback (can't remember which) head popped up and frozen in place. Another o crap moment. After that - I'm pretty sure I didn't lift my head that entire round. I hate snakes.
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I have absolutely zero snake encounter stories and hope to keep it that way for a very long time.
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Any idea what kind of snake it was? I grew up with a creek through my backyard and they were prevalent but believe me they didn't want to be seen or near you. I'll take a snake any day over walking into a spiderweb while looking for a disc. Makes my skin crawl thinking about it.
I have only found snake skin sheddings on the course. The longest looked about 3 feet.
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My home course, Sharp Springs, has a couple of holes that run along the cornfields and it is not unusual at certain times of the year to see shredded corn husks all over the place (you know, long green stringy things). As approached my drive on hole 7 I saw what appeared to be some husks near my disc, but as I got closer I realized it was not 1, but 2 long, thin, lime green snakes trying to make snake minis if you know what I mean! I picked up my disc and moved my lie a few paces to the left so they could finish their business.

I have had many other snake encounters while playing however, at least 9 I can vividly remember.
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