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Default Rocking the 150 class discs! These things FLY!

I have been buying more and more 150 class discs. I can throw them far with little to no effort which makes them pretty accurate. Today I took out a 150 11x champ teebird and a 150 JK Valkyrie. Had some amazing drives. Especially the Hyzer flips with the valkyrie. That valk will go just as far as my Katana with much more consistency.

I guess 150 class is the flavor of the week for me. I have stacks of Max Weight drivers that I don't throw anymore.

Anyone else finding the joy of throwing lighter disks? No arm pain after a couple rounds, improved consistency.
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I only have one 150 class disc. Its a champ Valk. That thing is $$$ on roller shots.
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I swear by 5x JK 150 Valkyries. The gummy 4x aren't too bad either.
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Try the super lite discs. The pink boss goes farther for me than anything else I have and its a pretty unique disc... i've nvr seen a r-pro disc that was as translucent. I'd say it's gotta have some champ plastic in it.

I have a couple 150 class Katanas that I will be trying out soon.
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My Dyslexic ass just bought a 153 dx t-bird,(thought the pen said 163 but no) Does this count in 150 class or is it over. Idle curiosity... I'll throw it anyway.
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My wife throws all 150 class discs and I'll snag some from her bag when I am in the field. She has a 150g ce teebird that is money along with a super flat super stiff 11x tee bird. She also rocks a 138g r pro boss the goes for miles for her. 150 class kc rocs also fly very pure.

If you have some 175 discs you wanna get rid of just let me know.
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i pimp a 150 star valk....pink at that...and can throw that thing just as well as my other drives
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I had started to like lighter discs for quite a while now. My Pro Leopards are 162 and so are my DX Teebirds. For my stables like the Pred, I still like those in the upper 160s and mids and putters I like max weight but I have always been kind of suprised with all the love for max weight drivers.
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I have a large collection (nothing compared to VeganRay) collection of 150 class discs.

I throw 150 wraiths all the freaking time. And now I throw a 162 star wraith for certain shots and a `65 champ wraith for others still.

this plus an Avenger SS covers most of my distance shots, but I do keep a pred on hand most times.

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When I broke my shoulder I disced down in weight and speed. That really drove home the advantage of lighter and slower discs for me. I use 150 drivers, 165 mids, 175 putters. The only ultralight I've tried is a 135 Raging Inferno. I don't have the form for that fast of a disc. IMO if you haven't tried 150 drivers you're probably short changing yourself.
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