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Default Ion guidance please

I have taken the advice of those on this forum to play putter only rounds. I can tell it is helping me with my form. But since I have only been playing for 6 months it still feels like I have a long way to go. my putter of choice is the ion. I was using a proton soft 171G. I lost it the other day I am looking for a replacement.a couple questions I have-
what is the most over stable version of the ion?

is Neutron soft worth trying out?

what weights are good for all putter rounds?

I was throwing my ion about 220' on my good throws. On some, I am turning and burning. On others, they just keep turning.

Any help is appreciated
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i like my 173g

i do not like soft neutron

they all fly the same.

try to throw smoothly so the disc comes off clean and without oat, as you are able to do this with more and more power, slowly increase your power over time. Eventually you will be a pro and win the world title.

watch some videos of pros to see how they do it right:

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I can throw the Ion out 300' pretty easy. The Ion is a good disc to drive with off the tee. Soft is just simply softer, I am not a fan of the softs discs flight, they are okay for putting but that's it for me. I go medium or normal any day of the week. I would do Neutron too if I were you. I am comfortable with 174g Anodes.. I would use an Ion at 173-174g personally but I think that's more up to how you like it.
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I haven't noticed any particularly OS runs of Ions, but max weight fly the beefiest. I've driven 164g-175g Ions with success. I prefer driving with softs and can get them out pretty far on a rip. They shouldn't turn and burn in calm conditions.
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Come one Mike.... Pretty far?

Cue the fight music!

He can throw 500'.... but not with an ION

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I'd go heavy neutron or heavier eclipse/proton medium. Softs will be flexy off the tee at full power. That is fine but I'd suggest a non soft for a newer player, and the summer heat sometimes makes softs really soft.
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yeah honestly its more about personal preference but I like firm protons for putting and use a soft neutron for upshots/drives but those are not in regular production yet (hopefully soon b/c they are great feeling) so before getting my hands on one I used a lighter 168 soft proton which was a littttle less stable off the tee than my heavier ones. If you release an ION on a hyzer angle it really shouldn't turn right much at all from 325' and under its just the fade is later than most discs of its similar stability as well as being more OAT sensitive which can make it appear less OS than it actually is.

Find a color and weight you like... then get all the plastics
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Thanks for the replies! I will get a light and heavy weight.
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Enjoy those Ions Joe!
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my guidance: Keep your ION the prize when putting!!
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