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Default The Aviar?

So the Aviar seems to be really popular among the pros, but I hardly ever see anyone throwing it on the course? I for one used to throw them, but now I've realized the mistake I made and have swapped to the mighty Magnet.

So who throws Aviars? How many, what plastic/weight, and what shots do you throw them for?
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Doesn't matter what stable putter you choose, find the one that feels most comfortable to you in your hand and stick with it. Find the plastic that feels best to you, they all feel different have different stiffness, etc. That's a personal preference.

Who cares that a lot of top pros use the aviar? top pros also use wizards, judges, clutches, magnets, P2's, etc..

Just find what you like.
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175g Aviar P&As

I use them for all putting duties as well as approaches and very short drives. Occasionally use them for "get out of trouble" rollers as well.

Only putter I've ever used.
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175 p-line p2 but thinking about giving the p1x a go
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Originally Posted by Shooter14 View Post
So who throws Aviars?
Tons of people?

I think Dave Dunipace has said that it is easily the #1 sold disc in the Innova inventory. And its been there for pretty much the entire history of the company.

Do the math.
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I started out with Aviars, have tried tons and tons of other putters but always seem to find my way back. My favorite is an old velvety chains aviar that is my main putter and used to see a lot of action for anny approaches as well. The Nova has since taken over a lot of approach duties that my beat Aviars used to handle, but I still tee off with my star or champ Aviars occasionally.

I have one KC Pro that I sometimes carry in the summer months but I have never clicked with the beaded putters. Every Aviar I do bag is in the standard Putt & Approach mold. I really like the XT Aviars for winter/wet rounds, preferable to the Gstar plastic in my opinion. I always have a spare DX Aviar in the bag for sketchy water approaches, and I'm not ashamed to admit that my emergency bug out bag has a DX Aviar and Teebird to keep me and the kids entertained during the end times .

I prefer the 173-175g weights, but I have a McPro at 168g that I use outside the circle.
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I used Aviars right at first and then I left them for a long long time. I tried everything under the sun, and have just come back to the Aviar. My appreciation for it has grown immensely. It's a great line holder, putts extremely straight, and can handle all the power you can throw at it. Phenomenal disc.
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Aviars are great and tons of people use them. I personally use classic judges, but that's just because I like the way they feel & fly for me. Loads of good putters out there to choose from!
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every putter is an offshoot of the aviar to begin with.
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I was a JK Pro guy for a long time. I have an old yellow pre-flight 167g JK Pro that is so beat in and has a patina that gives it a waxy feel. It's a beautiful thing. Sometimes i wonder why I don't still putt with it. I like Yeti Pros now. I love them from 168g-175g for running the chains from outside the circle on a soft floating S curve line. Envys have taken over stable approach duties. Inside the circle I prefer an SSS Wizzard because I am getting a better release with it than I do with the Yeti. So many putters.... so little room in my bag.
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