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Originally Posted by sidewinder22 View Post
I've recently been using my Comet for putts around circle edge and outside and making a lot more, I think it's the extra glide on mids compared to putters. My Bangers were always coming up short.
I too will run longer (for me) putts with a comet on occasion because even powered down it flies so straight. I know I could find a US putter that would do the same, but I just don’t care to put in the effort. And I’ve canned a couple Incredible (for me) putts that way so...

I’ll also sub in a Buzzz or a Zone for headwind putts.
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A friend of mine putts with a Buzzz as well. Says, he likes that for putting the disc flies the same as for approaches and drives.

If you make the putts, then it doesn't matter what disc you putt with. IMO the one reason to putt with a putter instead of a mid is the case you airball it. Slow putters drop down rather quickly, whereas a mid often glides farther. But if, in total, you still putt better with a mid, all's fine. Anyways, confidence in your putting and knowing exactly what your putter disc will do, is the main part.
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I did some putting with a mid, I think the first one was a tangent which is not very far from a putter and it's very thin. I did some practice with a comet too, the X plastic feels good for putting even better than soft X.

I came to the conclusion that I just like low profile discs to putt with so that's what I'm putting with and even more now that I use some kind of pinch grip, it's more comfortable if the putter isn't too deep. It doesn't have to be very thin but anything I can pinch grip comfortably and that I can rest in my fingers without my palm involved, it gives me a better touch but still feel secured.

So maybe that's why you like putting with mid too, the shallower edge where you grip the disc.
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Originally Posted by sidewinder22 View Post
I've recently been using my Comet for putts around circle edge and outside and making a lot more, I think it's the extra glide on mids compared to putters. My Bangers were always coming up short.
When I first starting playing competitively and even a little before then, I think some of my best rounds was putting with KC Pro Rocs, and Comets. It actually amuses me to see you say this about putting with Comets. I used to hit a lot of putts outside of the circle with the Comet. And I think a lot of it has to do with what you just mentioned, it's like it has a little extra glide and flies as straight as can be. I wonder if since it has slightly more speed than putters, maybe it helps the disc get to the basket faster and gives it less time to break/move or allow for other variables to have an affect on the putt/throw?

But, the more I played, the more I saw everyone else throwing putters from that distance so I stopped putting with mid range discs (mostly due to not wanting to be embarrassed; I know, terrible reasoning). I definitely made more putts from outside the circle with Comets in particular. BUT, when I air balled those putts with Comets or Rocs, it wouldn't be a 15-20 foot come back putt, it would be more like a 30-40 foot come back putt. So there was also that to consider.

I always appreciate the comments that are left by Sidewinder. For those of you new to the forum, I can assure you that Sidewinder knows what he is talking about. He has consistently provided solid information and feedback that I am sure has helped not only myself, but also other disc golfers as well. Whether it has to do with form, drills, the mental part of the game, or just giving an opinion about a current event, entertaining these thoughts can really help someone improve their game.

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I putt with a Roc quite often, especially outside 20'. I feel like I have a good feel for how it will arrive at the basket.
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Only putter I used was the old style but lower profile Wizard in G9I that I am sure I could putt with at longer distance. The only flaw was that I could only putt at 45-50 maybe 55 feet and make the putt, every other putt was a miss high for shorter putts and low for longer and I was not that great at putting with the disc. I could get a new legal plastic Wizard in the low profile but I would most likely be stuck only using it for putting at 45-50 maybe 55 feet.
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