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Okay! I did some more practice today.

I threw q couple rounds in an attempt to focus on finishing upright and balanced on my plant leg before working on a more athletic stance.

In the video below it has two angles, it's from different throwing sets, though.

I do feel like my plant and rotation are more firm and deliberate. I'm really focusing on initiating my throw from my hips and letting my arm follow along.

I'm worried about my knee bend, is it too much? Not enough? Should my athletic stance come from bending at the hips?

I still feel like my arm is coming through low but during the swing it feels good and video seems to show it above my naval but below my pecs. Is that what I should be aiming for?

I know that's a lot. Again; I appreciate everyone's time and knowledge. This has already helped me tremendously. Weeks ago I was ready to hang it up because I didn't know how to fix anything, I feel like with y'all's direction I'm back on track! Thank you!

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in my experience, the hardest thing about reaching a decent form is too leave bad habits behind. its like teaching people to cough into their elbow instead of the hand... evreybody knows its better... but to change it, when a cough occures is sometimes hard...

the pendulum before the reachback. is that initiated with your hips or shoulders? with a slightly wider stance, front foot 90 and the back foot as far inwards as possible (SHOULD feel arkward), on your toes, but far out (feels arkward as well). then you are forced to kind of like X your legs. in that position, turn your back leg in a bit, whilst straighten the front leg to swing forward and and vice versa for the backswing. the hips will turn then... try to energate the pendulum in that way. back and forth, motion inna di ocean, be elvis!
therefore the plant leg needs to be bend a bit as well in the back swing and your spine is the axle where everything gets turned around.

try it slow, really slow...let the disc fly 30 ft. thats ok. you need to get the mechanics down, but first step is breaking the bad habits by slow repetition.

my experience.

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Looking better. When I'm doing One Leg Drill, my front heel stays on the ground, your heel is leaving the ground so you are shifting further back and not quite making it back onto front leg. Note how you finish falling back behind your front leg while I pivot forward right over it since more balanced/stacked on the front leg. When you are balanced in one leg drill on front leg it might feel over the top.

Looks like you are trying to pull the elbow and push too late thru the swing with your rear foot instead shifting hips forward into plant before swing.

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