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Default Vibram Putter Help

I've been looking through all the Vibram putters, since I've been a long time fan of the Ascent, and love the materials they use.

I generally consider myself a "lob putter" 50' and in, don't typically have that snap on my putts. I know Vibram suggests the VP for people who putt like me, but it seems conflicting in my head as to how an overstable putter would help me there.

If nothing else, I'd just like to hear suggestions as to what putters everyone has liked. I'm just unfamiliar with Vibram putters.

I already have a Soft Ion I like to use for my overstable approaches and headwind putts, if that makes a difference.
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I use to be a vibram tester up until this new Obex. I now try to stead clear of their discs myself and when I can encourage people to look for something different. Vibram had a lot of potential but are unwilling to make the necessary decisions to to make their discs really good. And make them mediocre at best.

And I know this is the forum of, "well I like them so screw you" baby pissing games but I highly encourage you to try the traditional lob putters. Stiff 173g+ discs like the Challenger, KC Aviar, or Wizard. But there is lots of other cool stuff out there as well. But I just ask you give it a chance over going with vibrant stuff.

Oh how I wanted a good ridge... but never will it be given...
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Have you had a chance to get them in your hands??? If not I would ask around and see who has a few or stop into a store to get a tangible feel for them.

Personally I'm a huge Vibram fan, I'm not going to get into why you shouldn't try them, but I will say that the best thing you can do is get enough different ones in your hands from a variety of weight and firmness. See how many people might be willing to allow you to just play a hole or two with them. You never know what might feel and release just right. Personally I like the Summit Med for how it releases from my hand, I use them all to varying extents but the Summit is my favorite. I did not care that much for the soft Sole, too soft in my mind, I do like the Med Sole, I need to start using it more but have yet to try the Firm Sole. The VP I use far more for approach shots. I'm just starting to get more work in on the Ridges but a Med. Ridge that may be a very good starting point for you as it falls right in-between the VP and the Summit. If you like the feel of the Accent, Vibram likely has a putter you will like.
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From 50' the VP is going to want to fade hard if you dont put alot of speed on it.
This means you would probably have to throw it out high to the right and let it come back.
If this is what you're used to then it might be a good choice.

I have better luck lobbing the Ridge, you can throw it straighter, plus it glides a little better than the VP.

I would think the new Sole, which is has the most glide of all the Vibram putters, would make a good lob putter, but I'm set in my Ridge and VP ways, so I'm no authority on those.

PS; I think cfair is channeling Apothecary.
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Summit devotee here. I lob putt with just enough spin to release clean and this is the best putter I've used by far, not even close. The low profile and superb grip are perfect for my smaller hands. I also use Soft Ions for driving and long approaches.
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I personally use kind of a lob putt hybrid depending on wind conditions and lie, and I absolutely love my Challenger. It is super consistent. I am a huge Vibram fan and have wanted to try their putters but just can't move away from the Challenger. Recently someone I play with quite frequently decided to switch up his putters and I believe he got a firm VP and that's almost all he throws now. If you are short on cash, I would say try to borrow one from someone, and if not, go ahead and pick a couple up and give them a whirl. In my experience, Vibrams are pretty popular for trades if you look in the correct places to trade them. Good luck on the search!

EDIT: The putter he moved from was a Soft Banger GT. Hopefully you will have the same experience as he did!
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You can lob putt with anything. I'd take one of all their putters and figure out what you like. I used to use a VP and will switch to it in really windy conditions but tend to like the Summit best now as it stays straight longer.
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feel them...best advice you will get...if you like the ion for overstable you only need to test the ridge and summit go with regular rubber.

I use the VP over wizards for forehand shots and for putting when the wizards just aren't working for me in strong wind.
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Originally Posted by captain jack View Post
PS; I think cfair is channeling Apothecary.
If you remember Apoth and I use to square off. I really like Vibram overall but Vibram DG has ham stringed itself. I still think they have a ton of potential. I really wish they would meet it, but since the Sole I have given up. The Trak seems to be the best thing they've made (is it still even called that?)
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For putting, the Sole is probably your best bet. The Summit isn't bad, I was using that as my primary putter for a while. It's understable enough that it will stay dead straight even on low speed releases.
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