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Originally Posted by Anon View Post
I think its on Facebook.

Yea he said that he never felt he could throw the Firebird correctly. Which sounds crazy considering how much work they have done for him. But he's trying out new stuff so you have to commend him on that and working at such a high level to iron out any weak spots.
He says he can't backhand the firebird well. He can sidearm them fine but I think I've only seen him backhand them once or twice. Seems like he runs thru piles of them too, like 4 or 5 a year.
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Originally Posted by Solar Sailer View Post
I just think he knows he won't be able to get Climo's name off the Firebird. Or he just didn't like it....whatever.
And his friend Sexton's name is on the Champion Colored Glow Firebirds. The name/sig factor might indeed be a factor in McBeth's choices, but IMHO McBeth also realizes he can go up in speed to the Monster and still get that Firebird beef with that additional speed. IMHO it's a good move for him to make.

I'm also very curious about his potentially moving to the Teebird3 from the Teebird. I understand it, as with his power he might prefer the speed to the lesser glide. It'll be interesting to see how that goes next season.
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Originally Posted by Aim For The Chains View Post
Maybe he just didnt like looking for flat ones
Nothing wrong with a little dome on a Firebird. Allows us mere mortals a chance at really working them. I'm sure Dave Dunipace would hand deliver a box of flat ones at a moments notice if Sir McBeth requested.
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Honestly if I'm Dave D, "hey Paul I know you used to like those Maxes that we put OOP, and that FBs are Kenny's disc but what about the Monster? Good disc feels more like a Max, and if you win another one it could be the Mon5ter?"

And Paul is like... Yeah okay.

I do like a good Monster, they are too hard to find to make them replace my Firebirds, and that beveled rim is hard for me to BH, but I have a PFN Pearly Champ I'm fond of tossing in the bag from time to time.
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Originally Posted by hugheshilton View Post
Where is this new itb video of which you speak? I haven't seen him put out one recently, and I can't seem to find it on YouTube.
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he should try a champ banshee
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Originally Posted by ferretdance03 View Post
Thanks for the link!

I'm guessing that at this point in Paul's career, he's probably thinking about a bag entirely made up of his own signature discs. In his place, I'd probably be thinking that too. If he wins a couple more championships, what else will Innova have to give him anyway? If he replaces the molds in his bag that he CAN'T get his sig on (KC champ Teebird/Firebird) with molds that no one currently owns, then eventually he'll have an all-sig bag and more royalties to boot. Sounds like a solid plan to me. If he keeps bagging a Gator or Mako3, I'm sure he could get his sig on those, too. However, the Teebird3 and Monster have WAY more sales potential to earn him money. So many people like Firebirds and Teebirds that could be convinced to buy a Monster or T3 instead...
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^This 100%.
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Not a bad point from hugheshilton. There was a time when Kenny had a bag full of sig molds as well...and it may have been ore molds than McBeth currently bags,anyway (citation needed.)

With the depth of competition these days, and the length and difficulty of courses, I'd say 4 World championships is on par (pun intended) with Climo at 9 (when Innova really started rolling out his aig discs.)

But KC also had a couple USDGCs under his belt at that point...
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