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I don’t bag one but use one for warmups. Claws and Polecat are the go to.
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Needed, no.
Fun, yes.

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Originally Posted by Casey 1988 View Post
Oh, I thought it was a danger putt type disc or a longer beyond 30 feet approach putting disc. As a catch disc in lighter weights 165 grams and under the Rattler works well for that, however I used to keep a 155 gram Wham-O Disc the Pro Jr in my bag for such a use. The Pro Jr is the old 50-55 mold discs or something like that from Wham-O as the mold is PDGA approved. I had a hard time finding molds outside of Innova Millennium in the 2000's in my town (I was not 18 yet till late 2006 so buying online was hard) except the Walmart had Wham-O toy discs and this mold was most popular along with the big ultimate mold though they did have Max-Flight discs that just sat there until they sold them finally just before Walmart got Innova discs. Odd disc the Max-Flight is.
Normally I used with a friend a DGA Gumputt or Blowfly for practice throws but I kept up till 2005-2006 sometime in their when I got a true disc golf bag, the disc above for practice before tournaments. At that point I had my Prostyle #2 Upshot at 166 grams in the bag that was used for more then just warm up.
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I have a birdie that I can shape like no other disc I’ve ever thrown. I use a Serp for my main putter but when it comes to tight shapes nothing else can bend it like the ‘bird. The fact that it’s so slow and has so little glide with such a neutral finish means you can literally make just about any shape happen with the right angles and input.

Speed 1 discs have a very clear use IMO and it isn’t necessarily what people think it is.

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I've found it's not so much the speed of the disc being thrown, it's the speed and wrist action when you throw it. High spin but low speed shots with a slow putter are amazingly useful in the woods and even out in the open too

I use a beat up wizard and and habit for the most beautifully straight safe runs right at the basket
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Not necessary for me...I don't have the skill set to use something speed 1 and neutral/understable for its advantages over any other putter that is also more wind resistant, and I can approach BH/FH well enough that I don't need to bag something like a Berg in addition to my current throwers. Although the Berg is a very cool and interesting disc.

Watch Garrett Gurthie make use of a Sonic for long floaty straight putts that are basically throw ins, and you'll see what something like that can do in capable hands.

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I think i'm going to pick one up and just see what I can learn with it. There are a couple of guys around here that bag them for various reasons, and they're significantly better than I am. Obviously this disc isn't going to help my distance game, but if it helps me with touchy approaches or long putts, then it'll be worth it!
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I bag a Birdie. Comes in real handy for woods play. Goes exactly where you throw it, like a rock.

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I use my 150g sonic for those long bids where I don’t want to blow past the basket, or I want it to nestle nicely on a sketchy green. Pretty much how GG uses his.

Been working decently for me!

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