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I'm curious how many of you throw the CryZtal Bangers and how you like them.
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I rocked Bangers for a couple of years...Soft Pro-D 2 years ago and then a regular Pro-D last year. I liked them, but ultimately moved on to Wizards this year to see what all the hype was about.
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I have 2 bangers is the bag. both for driving duties. 1 velvety blue for straight to turn over duties and an ESP for straight with a fade. I always had a hard time driving with putters until I found the banger. The higher profile of putters felt like it was rolling out of my hands. I wish they made banger with no bead so it would turn over more. I putted with them for a while but put a beat omega back in the bag for the added glide.
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OldBassman swears by them
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I usually hate when people get all sappy about how much they love a disc so I won't go there, but I will say the Banger is the only disc I have ever purchased that immediately took strokes off my rounds. I lost my main putter that will remain nameless due to the fan boy aspect. I went looking for a new putter and wanted to find a disc that fit exactly what I was looking. Did not go out and start buying names, instead made a list of what I wanted out of a putter and searched for a while for discs that fit. The Banger was the first one on the list I tried and d*** the first day I had it I could tell it wasn't leaving my bag. I will say it is not a disc for everybody. You have to be looking for a disc like it, some people will hate it. It fits my style perfectly. Here is what I wanted from a putter:

Overstable so I could throw it and putt with it.

Medium to stiff plastic (D Banger)

Relatively shallow because deep putters release terrible for me.

Low glide putter- I putt pretty hard and low glide putters give me less of a come back putt if I miss a long putt. It may just be my style but I also find they fall in more when hitting odd spots on the chains because they do not have the glide to keep them going when they stop spinning.

A putter I liked to throw and putt with to reduce molds

Something easy to replace if I lose it- unlike my original disc that sent me on the hunt to begin with.
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For driving, yes; for putting, not so much.
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Got a soft for putting and cryztal for drives. Can't ever see taking them outta the bag. I've tried many many others but always come back!
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Originally Posted by RUSSELL View Post
OldBassman swears by them
It's "Old Bassman". If ya don't mind. lol

Great putter.
When new it has enough stability (Don't start what that means discussion) to handle wind. A great all around putter.
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Ive seen a few people using them.. I even started with one lol. Picked one up recently and it felt pretty decent in the hand, but I have no complaints with my judges so they are staying.
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It's nice to see some others with the appreciation of a Banger! I don't want to sound sappy about it but I just don't ever see people playing with them or talking about them. I wish there were some pros out there that tossed Bangers, it needs to be represented!

When I learned how to disc golf a few years ago, my friend who taught me would play entire rounds with just his Banger. I didn't realize it at the time but when I think back it was very impressive for the course we were playing. He's the reason I got caught up on the disc.. maybe I should thank him sometime.
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