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Originally Posted by Grinder12000 View Post
Just seeing guys with 4+ different drivers that all do different things . . . consistently to me is remarkable. I want to learn everything NOW but know this is not a sprint to knowledge.

I'm still learning my disc's and what the back up disc is if that one is not behaving on a certain day.
I know where you're coming from. I remember not really understanding why someone would need a huge bag with so many discs. And now I have one, carrying 21 discs.

The main reason my bag grew was twofold: I gained more experience and saw more opportunities where I needed a disc in my bag that I didn't have; and I've played long enough that many of my discs are worn in a bit, and a fresh one was welcome.

There are discs I only use every once in a while: from least used to most, that would be the 12x Firebird, Hornet, Underworld, and Zone. These are utility discs that I might not even use on the course unless I have to, but when I need them, it's nice to know they're there.

I carry 12 drivers (5 molds), but depending on the course, some might not come out of the bag in a given round. But I don't change my bag depending on the course, so they all stay, even though they might not get any action. Yet each disc is different: I have a beat Star TB, a more fresh one that flies more or less normally, and a Totem Champ that's more stable and slightly overstable. I have three OLFs that are essentially fit the same categories. The differences may seem really subtle, but since I know the discs so well, they're pretty big differences for me.

Anybody can play any course with just versatile molds of a putter, mid, and fairway. But when you play a lot, and find that your Buzzz no longer flies straight down that tunnel shot you used to use it for, you get a new one. But the old one's still good (actually, in many ways, it is better), so now you have two Buzzzs in the bag. The bag is always evolving-you'll see.
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1 distance driver (Surge) One is for tomahawks and the other is similar to a mamba when thrown flat.
3 Fairways. Straight, OS, and understable.
3 Mids. Same as fairways
1 Putter. Approach and Putting.
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I color coordinate my bag if I need my purple teebird Ik right where it Is. I carry about 20 discs
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I play daily using just four discs and I think you guys are nuts to carry around all that stuff. Your different discs aren't all that different. For me and a lot of players I see, it's not the arrow - it's the indian.

I keep fooling around with distance drivers, but I'm solid with a BB Aviar, a Roc and an Eagle. Been using a Sidewinder for distance lately but I've been thinking about going back to DX Valkyries. The problem with that is it would make me want to use DX Eagles too and I've got some sexy Star Eagles. <g>
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