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Aside from my discs, just a pair of sandals and a slingshot.
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Eric, I never told you, thanks for all your post on this thread. All those links must have taken you a long time, but I have looked at most of it. You have some great ideas. I started stocking my trunk with items that I used to just leave at home, so I can go straight to any park to play and not have to go home first. Thanks again for the hard work bro!
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You're welcome.

Hopefully it gives people some ideas of things that could make their game better or easier. The disc golf community has been very nice in welcoming a newbie like me and I'm just glad I can give back where I can.
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Wow, I didn't expect that impressive list when I saw this thread I thought it would be just about discs, I tend to carry...
1 32 Oz water bottle
1 mini (currently a glass blown mini I got at the Rose City Open)
1 microfiber towel
1 3 pronged folding chair (from Huk Lab)

As for my discs, I carry

3 175 D Soft Magnets
2 178 Z Buzzes
2 175 ESP Supercolor Buzzes
3 172 Z XLs (in different stages of beatness)
2 174 Z Extremes
2 173 ESP Pulses
3 X Avengers (1 162 gram 1 164 gram and 1 167 gram for differences in stablilty)

All Discraft, all the way.
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Wow Eric....and everyone said I carry too much in my bag. I don't carry all the extra gear that you do but I do carry a LOT of discs, I don't use them all ...but there are certain situations that you can get into in a tournament that you really think "now I wish I had that disc right now", so I just carry everything I know...just in case. Here's what I have
2 blowflys 171g one is older-putter the other is approaches
omega ss 171g
Star cro 171g
Pro ryno 171g
Champ Banshee 170g
Champ flick 174g
Champ chrush 173g
2 star destroyers 168g
champ t-bird 174g
Champ TL 171g
Orion sirious 165g
star roadrunner 163g
star sidewinders 163g, and 171g
orion sirious LF 168g
Star starfire 168g
Star SL 168g
Star Gator 171g
Champ Spider 175g
Champ Panther 171g
Star skeeter 166g

2 pencils
1 sharpie
Birdie bag
2 markers
Gatorade water bottle
2 towels<1 on bag, 1 on me>
gear I wear:
2 pair socks, under armour, then thicker crew hiking socks outer
shirt is always nike dri-fit polo

In car :
backups for almost every disc
cooler with another gatorade bottle <just switch out between rounds>
1-2 bottles gatorade<depends how hot>

Also along with the backups for my faves, I also carry some other discs that I use from time to time, or some that I use to throw but don't anymore. Sometimes wind will be light one round, then get heavier, so I'll switch out understable to more stable to fight wind. You never know, that switch may just gain you one stroke overall in a tournament, and with the guys I compete against one stroke may just be the win!
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I would have to write notes in sharpie on my discs if I carried as many as some of you guys: "this red destroyer hiccups a bit more than his blue brother". I take 3 discs in hand, and if I remember, I'll tuck a towel in my shorts waist. Thomas Gray got it right, "..."ignorance is bliss..." Amenities like water and dry socks, phone, etc stay in the car.
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Default I like this thread!

I've got a Gorilla Boy Chimpanzee, typically with about 12 discs in it.

Other than the discs, I carry:
  • A golf towel with our club logo on it
  • A pink bandana that I keep in my pocket and use as a rag
  • A mini with our other club logo on it
  • 32oz Nalgene bottle
  • bottle opener
  • bag tags
  • chapstick
  • a 6oz flask
  • LEDs for glow rounds
  • swiss army knife
  • a little waterproof bag for my phone or camera if I have it
  • hard sunglasses case with extra lenses
  • some sort of energy type bar
  • a folded up plastic grocery bag that I'll use to carry trash I find on the course
  • a sharpie and a pen (rarely a pencil though - go figure)
  • small LED flashlight
  • some random blank scorecards
  • hand pruners at one specific course

I think that is about it that I carry all the time. I'll also carry a windshirt or a rain coat depending on the weather. In the winter I usually have an extra hat and some hand warmers. I typically have some beers and a can coozie with me as well.

I keep some spare discs, a stool, bug spray, creek shoes, and suntan lotion in the car - I'll keep extra fluids there as well if I know it will be a long day.

Usually stash my keys/wallet/phone/camera in the bag - I don't like too much in my pockets when I play.

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2 pro Rhynos
JK Aviar
Star Stingray
Pro Cobra
Champ Gator
Champ Monarch
Pro Beast
Champ Beast
Star TeeBird
Star TL
Star Wraith
Champ Groove
Pro Destroyer (lost last night)
2 minis

Baseball for retrieving discs
Silver Sharpie
Black Sharpie
Beer and/or liquor
Extra Pencils
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Originally Posted by High Flyer View Post
Aside from my discs, just a pair of sandals and a slingshot.
I saw a guy in one of our tournaments shoot his disc out of a tree with a wrist rocket. (One shot. I was impressed) Is this what you use yours for?
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In the bag: 30 discs, 2 32oz nalgene water bottles, cell phone, keys, lights for night golf, cash, mini marker, sharpee, pens/pencils, microfiber towels, led flashlight, golf balls for getting disc out of trees, 33 feet of string to measure off putts if the need ever arose, PDGA rule book, homemade scorecard, sunflower seeds or gum
In the truck just in case: back-up discs, guest bag of discs, 6 foot suction cup retriever for discs in the water, collapsable chair, duck tape, pocket knife, string, lights for night golf, first aid kit, bug spray, sun block, extra socks, towel, sunflower seeds
I'm like you Eric...I don't like not being prepared
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